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Spring Fashion Trends for Curvy, Confident Plus-Size Women


Photo Credit: Danimezza via Compfight cc

Curvy women are no longer bound by boring, baggy clothes as the fashion world is opening the doors to a wide selection of stylish clothing for full figured ladies. In fact, HubPages says that the rise of curvier celebrities and models has broken new ground in accepting women sized 12 and above.

However, choosing clothes for their size is easier said than done. The two variables often considered when purchasing clothing is its design and color. But it’s important for plus size women to pick clothes that fit perfectly, brings comfort, and make you feel confident. Woman Within, a plus-size online clothing line, says ladies with a curvier body type need to choose clothing that is flattering and comfortable, and that makes them feel gorgeous and confident. In this post, we will highlight the top spring fashion trends that plus-size ladies need to take advantage in the upcoming warmer months.

Electric Colors
Most fashion tips will always remind women with full figures to choose dark colored clothes to hide unwanted bumps. However, spring is about celebrating bright colors, so one must also choose clothes that fit the occasion. Ultra-bright tops even neon garments can instantly perk up any outfit. There are peekaboo tees that look great with a strong blazer and strapped heels. Pair them with some eye-popping electric colored accessories and you’re good to go.

Due to the heightening temperatures in some countries, spring isn’t the best time to wear leather. Although, you’ll notice how most spring collections seem to begin by adding a hint of leather to outfits. One of the best additions to your closet is a leather skirt that will pretty much go with anything. What we love most about them is that they can be worn all year-round apart from in the height of summer.

Although florals are a no-brainer for this time of the year, wear it with hyper-saturated hues and unexpected neon colors and you’ll look stunning. Pencil skirts with floral designs bring out a totally young vibrant look. They are best paired with a blue or yellow top, which should be tucked into a skirt to accentuate the A-shape of your natural curves.

Stop choosing uniformed, shapeless, and monochromatic basics, and opt for fun combinations that flatter your shape and accentuate your best qualities. Plus-sized fashionista Nicolette Mason wrote in Marie Claire that it’s time to “go bold or go home,” so make sure to enjoy this season in wonderful and comfortable clothing.