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Every woman has their own personal style and deserves to look their best. But with the eyebrow raising price tags of the fashions displayed on airbrushed and photo-shopped models, it seems unattainable for the average woman. Ashley Wills proves that there’s nothing keeping you from expressing your style with her blog StyleOnHigh.


Wills’ blog justifies why you shouldn’t have to spend a fortune to look the way you want. If you can’t find what you’re looking for on a rack, the blog includes a do-it-yourself section for how to create your own version of a style, giving it a personal touch. StyleOnHigh is less of a ‘Look-at-this-outfit!’ where Wills gushes about an outfit that has caught her eye and more of a problem solving, how-to blog for her readers. The blog isn’t meant to boast Ashley Wills’ personal style, it is about making today’s fashions available for everyone to enjoy.


“I approach it less as someone who wants to star in their blog and more from the perspective of a fashion journalist,” says Wills.


Wills founded the blog StyleOnHigh while studying Fashion Design and Costume Design at Ohio State University a little over a year ago. However, right around graduation time she began experiencing some health issues due to an autoimmune disease.


“I wasn’t living up to my potential in my jobs because of needing too many sick days and feeling horrible when I was there,” says Wills. For as long as she can remember Wills has had an interest in fashion.


After receiving a dual degree at OSU, a BS in Fashion and Retail Studies and a BA in Theatre for Costume Design, she started doing freelance design and created her blog as an alternative to the corporate world of fashion, which she realized was not the place for her. Her blog is a way of having control over her own schedule and expressing herself and her love of fashion, which she says she was born loving.


“In high school I had kind of made it my mission to get voted Best Dressed, silly, I know, and I planned all of my outfits out on a calendar for like two months until the voting,” explains Wills.


Needless to say Wills won and carried that ethic of preparing for Best Dressed over to designing her blog. She plans out every month of StyleOnHigh in advance, with the goal of posting five days a week. She begins by brainstorming ideas for her series postings, like ‘Top 10 Tuesday’ and ‘Monthly Wishlist.’ She writes entries that compare popular high-fashion styles with that of their more affordable counterparts, demonstrating the only difference they have are their price tags. She also looks for local and major fashion events and holidays that she thinks her readers should be aware of and tries to fit them into her blog.


“For instance, I’m pretty obsessed with Halloween, so there will be a lot costume idea posts coming up and events around town, etc,” says Wills.


StyleOnHigh will also be featuring an interview of fashion designer and Project Runway alum, Althea Harper and coverage of this fall season’s fashion shows. Some fashions Wills says to look out for as the season starts changing are old-school collegiate-letterman sweaters, pleated skirts and penny loafers. “Just not worn together or you’ll look like a Britney Spears video.” says Wills.


For more information on Ashley Wills and StyleOnHigh you can visit the website.

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