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Successful Succulents

Jessie Laux is the founder of Planthropy and creates specialty succulent arrangements in up-cycled containers. Our Local Editor chatted with Jessie about these ever-gaining-in-popularity-plants and got a few tips on how best to care for your succulents.

Below are Jessie’s “Quick Tips” for a successful succulent.

Jessie starts off by asking one question: “How do you know when it’s time to repot your beloved succulent or cacti? Here are a few things to look for…” 


  1. If you can see the roots are tightly packed or sticking out of the drainage holes
  2. If – when watered – the water just sits at the top of the soil and doesn’t soak through
  3. When the plant looks like it’s too big for the pot

Jessie continues by reminding you that, “using the correct soil when planting succulents is key to their health.” Because succulents get root rot very easy, it’s a must to use succulent soil, “which is fast draining and fast drying,” she explains. 


Jessie also offers several succulent workshops throughout the year. You can learn more about her workshops by clicking here, or attend the next one: 

  • August 9: Super Succulent Workshop – creative workshop that includes: 
    • a cocktail (Tom Collins)
    • a large variety of beautiful succulents
    • succulent container, soil, rocks, activated charcoal, and moss
  • Cost: $46 

Be sure to visit Jessie and Planthropy online at and follow her on Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram: @planthropy


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