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System of Strength

System of Strength offers a range of classes that work different parts of your body to give you a complete workout.

Sixty minutes can be powerful. That’s the inspiration that started the quickly-expanding fitness concept, System of Strength. 

“The System builds upon elements of strength, cardio, stretch, and recovery, aiming to push you father than you ever thought possible while inspiring you to keep moving for a full 60 minutes,” explains System of Strength Director of Operations Courtney Ruppert. “We know that strength comes from the struggle and there’s no feeling of accomplishment like the one you get at the end of an SOS class.”

Ruppert says the System itself is comprised of seven different classes that all complement each other in order to promote muscle confusion and to keep your workouts different. 

“The classes are designed in a way that our clients can personalize the System to achieve their fitness goals in one single membership,” she adds.

The inspiration for System of Strength came from Gretchen Dusseau and Keri Croft, who realized they wanted to offer a better, more unique fitness experience at a single location so clients didn’t need to belong to multiple gyms to get everything their bodies need in a workout. 

“As it has grown, the real strength and beauty is evident in the way the community of people who make up SOS encourage, push, and take care of one another,” says Ruppert. “It’s unlike anything out there. We designed SOS to give everyone an opportunity to improve their lifestyle in a group format that can only truly be realized during the most extreme struggle. We believe that when you’re struggling, you’re changing.”

System of Strength is built on cardio, strength, stretch and recovery pillars, and each one is led by an SOS trainer over 60-minutes in one of the two studios. Ruppert says clients can also access the digital studio to find 20-minute challenges and 60-minute classes that can be done from the comfort of home.

“Each class at System of Strength delivers an efficient, effective and body changing workout,” she says. “But it’s really important to build a weekly plan around each pillar, as the System was designed to be utilized as a whole to ensure your muscles are constantly challenged and cared for from a variety of different approaches. Our incredibly thoughtful and targeted approach will not only help you avoid plateau and reduce your risk of injury, but will generate faster and more sustainable results.”

The seven classes, each having a specific purpose, are: 

  • Clocked (The Calorie Torcher) – using plyometrics and high-intensity intervals against the clock, this speed and endurance class will push you to your limits both physically and mentally through constant heart rate elevation and minimal recovery periods.
  • Control (The Metabolic Booster) – focusing on larger muscle groups, this full body class uses heavier weights and blends isolated and dynamic movements that will build lean body mass, improve bone density and connective tissue health, and help you kick your metabolism into overdrive.
  • In The Mix (The One-Two Smackdown) – the perfect blend of Clocked and Control. This class will melt fat, build lean muscle mass and improve your overall strength, endurance and power. Constantly lowering and raising your heart rate, through a combination of intervals and functional strength training. 
  • The Course (The Inner Athletes Playground) – this class uses explosive strength to fire up your fast twitch muscle fibers in unison for the ultimate athletic, breathless, dynamic workout. 
  • High + Tight (The Sculptor + Definer) – performed under infrared heaters, it cuts and defines the body using a variety of equipment and high repetitions. We pulse, pause and isolate every move with the intent of increasing the “Time Under Tension.”
  • Ebb + Flo (The Muscle Melter) – performed under infrared heat for the ultimate detoxifying experience, this class will strengthen and elongate your muscles through a series of vinyasas, weaved with strength, longer holds and stretches that your body craves.
  • Restore + Recover (The Healer + Protector) – using foam rollers, lacrosse balls and infrared heaters, this detoxifying and restorative class will help increase flexibility and circulation, help reduce inflammation and repair scar tissue/joint stress with a focus on fascia release and mobility.
There are currently two studios in Columbus, one in Grandview and another in Cintonville. However, Ruppert says that they are expanding to Cincinnati in the fall with an Oakley/Madisonville location.
You can learn more about System of Strength at You can also check them out on Instagram and Facebook.

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