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5 *Extra* Steps For Your Beauty Routine

Posted by on Oct 30, 2017 in beauty, blog | 0 comments

Our Beauty Contributor is back! This time, she’s sharing five (and maybe a fun bonus) additional steps to add to your beauty routine for impressive results.

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Spotlight: Heart Health Tips

Posted by on May 26, 2017 in health, spotlight | 0 comments

May is National Stroke Awareness Month. So we asked Dr. Eric Goulder and Dr. Barb McClatchie of the Heart Attack and Stroke Prevention Center (HASPC) of Central Ohio for some heart health tips.

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Insightly: 4 Tips to Get the Most from New Business Software

Posted by on Mar 25, 2015 in Advertorial, blog | 0 comments

Our favorite sales and marketing expert shares the four best ways to boost business through CRM software.

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Bride-to-Be: Should I go to all my Bridal Appointments?

Posted by on Sep 16, 2014 in Wedding | 0 comments

Our wedding columnist offers some advice for dress hunting and how to handle all the bridal appointments you’ve made. Learn more here.

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GDC: Over The Knee Boots

Posted by on Nov 8, 2013 in blog, featured | 0 comments

It’s finally fall! That means you can now break out the boots. But what about the over-the-knee boots you see the celebs wearing? Will you be able to recreate the look… Or will you look like you’re playing the lead in Pretty Woman? Keep reading for the tips we shared this week on Good Day Columbus!

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