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Tequila Cousar Life Coach

No one woman’s story in Columbus is the same. We’re all dealing with different lifestyles, struggles, obstacles, and victories. But we can all aim to be the heroes of our own lives – taking charge of both personal lives and careers – thanks to Tequila Cousar. 
“I am a certified life coach who specializes in business empowerment and lifestyle coaching,” explains Owner Tequila Cousar. “I help everyday women redefine their personal vision and execute a plan of action to reach their goals in order to call their own shots. This allows them to powerfully occupy their life’s mission while also increasing their confidence and self-worth.” 
Cousar knows how difficult life can be and in how many different ways it can become difficult on a personal level. Life experiences can lead to sabotaged dreams and self-esteem. “This places women in a sunken place, often feeling as if they are the underdog,” she says. “But now it is time for them to be positioned as front runners in their lives.”
Cousar has been able to build a culture with her clients that encourages her followers to “Own Their Shot” by leading people out of fear-based, unproductive lives into intoxicating, toxic-free lifestyles.
This comes in the form of 3 types of one-on-one coaching services that will help you reach your business or personal goals. Services can be done in-person or online with various hours to fit your needs, including weekends. 
Cousar is currently working on launching her first-ever group coach program called “The Shot Caller Experience,” a 6-week group coaching program. The 6-week online program aims to help participants get a grasp on their personal vision for 2020.
Those interested can sign up to be notified about the launch here.
To learn more about Cousar and her coaching business, visit There you can also book a free 30-minute consultation. You can also follow Cousar online via Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.

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