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The Assembly

The Assembly will be a social gathering place for all types of activities.

Krista Sanford and her husband Phil Franks wanted to bring a new social concept to Columbus, so they plan to launch The Assembly. 

“The Assembly is a social gathering place, eatery, and bar,” explains Sanford. “Its purpose is to meet the needs of the upwardly mobile professional who enjoys community, healthy food, and work all in one place.”

Sanford says that they want The Assembly to offer an environment that encourages guests to stay awhile, so the design will feature functional seating areas for all activities, including work, independent dining, group dining, casual conversation, and standing tables.

The health casual concept will offer food such as made-to-order salads, bowls, and smoothies. Sanford says that coffee and tea will be served all day and they’ll also feature a curated selection of local and regional beers and spirits during the day and into the evening.

When asked what inspired an idea like The Assembly, Sanford says that she and her husband are passionate about creating a life that facilitates freedom, health, and flexibility for themselves, and they wanted to provide that opportunity to others.

“As our lives have evolved and our work has become more remote, we quickly realized that there were no aspirational spaces in Columbus that offered a combination of working space, healthy food, bar amenities, coffee and an engaging, communal environment,” she says. “There are many that can successfully deliver one piece of the puzzle, but nothing provides the experience and products that we and many others desire.”

The Assembly will be the first gathering space of its kind once it opens in Columbus, which Sanford says they’re aiming to open this fall, providing a social environment that encourages work, networking, and mingling amongst other professionals as well as friends. The nutritious menu will also encourage overall wellness, leaving guests feeling full without the guilt of eating too much.

While the location for The Assembly is still being negotiated, Sanford says that it will be located in the downtown corridor and within walking distance of other popular bars and restaurants.
To learn more about The Assembly, visit their website or follow along on Instagram.

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