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The Car Accessory Women Should Know About

An entrepreneur has now solved an everyday problem for women around the world with an in-car purse accessory that hit the market this year! Just in time for the holiday, learn about a handy car accessory that women are talking about.

Cath driving

Founder, Catherine Seifert with The Car Caché.


How often do you find after a hectic drive to work, class or even the kid’s soccer practice your purse and all of its contents strung across the passenger seat on the floor? What about that seatbelt beeping that won`t stop because your purse is on the passenger seat?  We now have a solution to this every day pain with Car Caché.


“The Car Caché is a patent pending, automobile accessory that provides easy access to your handbag’s contents without ever having to take your eyes off the road,” explains Catherine Seifert, inventor and entrepreneur of the Car Caché.


CarCacheISAThe birth of the Car Caché started with the ongoing problem of there being no specific place for Seifert to store her bag while driving, which seems to be a constant struggle for all women. Floor mats tend to get dirty whether it’s from the kid’s soccer cleats, a rainy day or snowstorm, and no one wants their handbag getting damaged.  “They say that necessity is the mother of invention… inspiration struck at just the right time, and the idea for the Car Caché was born,” says Seifert. Inspired by not starting a business but solving a problem for women, the Car Caché began taking orders on June 3, 2013.


Manufactured by Columbus Canvas Products, the Car Caché is currently available in two colors; black and tan. It is not only affordable but also easy to install, adjustable to fit multiple purse sizes, machine washable and is flexible to majority of non-commercial vehicles.


This handy car accessory targets an audience of all driving ages and genders. Men, women and children all have a way of benefitting from the Car Caché as it is a convenient way to store packages, laptops, briefcases, satchels, and much more. ”Many are also using it for easy access to their bag of fast food french fries,” says Seifert.


The Car Caché shows its practicality for every day drivers and Seifert is in the process of looking at licensing with car manufacturers so they can produce in the leathers and fabrics that they prefer.


“I have had a lot of success in the corporate world and launching new solutions for them. It is a wonderful feeling to be solving a huge problem for women and knowing I have done it on my own.”


Car Caché can be found on Amazon and on their website here.



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