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The Kerr House Rejuvenates the Mind and Body


If you’re looking for a weekend filled with rejuvenation and a healthy mindset, then The Kerr House is the right destination for you. The Kerr House, located 20 miles southwest of Toledo in Grand Rapids, Ohio, is a health retreat and spa dedicated to helping guests improve their mental and physical health through a variety of programs.



The Kerr House at 17777 Beaver Street Grand Rapids, Ohio.

The Kerr House at 17777 Beaver Street Grand Rapids, Ohio.

Laurie Hostetler, owner and founder of The Kerr House, opened the retreat 33 years ago in 1980. Hostetler had purchased the site after falling in love with it, despite its run-down and unkempt state. The house itself is a Queen Anne’s Victorian mansion, which Hostetler renovated and turned it into the health retreat that it is today.



Health retreats of this sort were almost unheard of in Ohio when The Kerr House opened. “It was a very unusual thing in the Midwest in the 1980s,there were virtually no spas in the Midwest at that time,” says Hostetler. She thought at first that The Kerr House would be a place where she could simply teach yoga and provide patrons a place of rest. However, Hostetler`s added ideas established the programs that are now in place at The Kerr House.



Hostetler describes herself as “into good health”, a quality that inspired her to turn The Kerr House into a health retreat. The Kerr House offers not only massages and facials that a typical spa might feature, but it also boasts an exercise program and serves guests all-natural, locally grown food. Truly, The Kerr House is revolutionary in that it has had a focus on natural food since it opened 33 years ago. “In 1980, not many people cared about eating natural foods,” says Hostetler. “At The Kerr House, we were serving healthy, natural food before it became a trend”.



The Kerr House offers a one-day program, three-night program, five-night program, and a weekend program. “All programs involve a focus on the health of the total person–exercise, stress management, all-natural food, breakfast in bed and general pampering,” says Hostetler. Spa treatments include massages, facials and reflexology, among many others.



The Kerr House welcomes a wide variety of guests including business groups, three-generations of families and groups of friends. “We have had guests from different countries such as Jordan and Brazil, as well as people from all 50 states,” says Hostetler. Guests can come alone or with a group, whichever they prefer.



The Kerr House is especially unique due to its small size. At any given time, only five to eight people can be enrolled in one of the retreat’s programs. The small size allows guests to have an intimate, personalized experience during their stay at the Kerr House.

For more information about The Kerr House, check out their website at or call them at (419) 832-1733. The Kerr house will give Cbus Chic readers a 10% discount.



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