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The Lash Lounge

The Lash Lounge will offer semi-permanent eyelash extensions and other beauty treatments at its soon-to-open Polaris location.

After years of research and a much needed change from the Fortune 500 corporate world, Ken McAleb and Daryl Halvacs discovered their passion and excitement for The Lash Lounge.

The Lash Lounge is a high-end beauty salon that specializes in semi-permanent eyelash extensions. Their services range from lash and brow tinting, brow extensions, threading, lash lifts, and brow microblading. Halvacs and McAleb make it their goal to provide customers with a simplified lifestyle and create a new definition of confidence.

McAleb describes the process of how The Lash Lounge arrived in the United States, and now Columbus.

“Around 2004, a much more refined looking eyelash extension application was developed in Korea and has come to be known as ‘semi-permanent eyelash extensions.’ It quickly made its way to the United States where it grew like a brush fire!” says McAleb. “Enter 2005, Anna Phillips, the Lash Lounge founder, caught wind of this service and hunted down a supplier to purchase an eyelash extension kit. The kits didn’t come with detailed instructions, so Anna was forced to learn through trial and error. By the spring of 2006, the demand for her eyelash extensions was so great that Anna made the decision to expand her business into a full-blown eyelash salon and opened the first Lash Lounge in Colleyville, Texas, which was the first of its kind in the entire United States.”

The first of three Columbus-area salons will open on August 3 at 2021 Polaris Parkway. As for goals for business and their customers, Halvacs and McAleb are hopeful in creating a relaxing escape from daily life through a luxury spa environment, customer engagement, and a smart price-point.

As lash extensions are becoming increasingly popular throughout the country and around the city, Halvacs and McAleb touch on just how the Lash Lounge aims to differentiate themselves.

“What makes us different is our commitment to providing safe, sanitary and truly customized lash applications with our proprietary face-mapping system. Our proprietary training program is innovative and unique to the industry. It prepares our stylists to be experts at what they do,” they explain. “We are currently working on a new 3D modeling system that will allow us to provide an instant digital preview for the client and allow them to preview the lash style that best fits their needs prior to the placement of their lashes.”

Halvacs and McAleb say the goal is to open three successful upscale lash salons while growing a brand in a very new and exciting category. “We are currently in lease negotiations for our second location to open in 2019,” they say. “We are looking for a third location and are talking with several local developers to create that ‘just right’ location to round out our three stores.”

The two owners love getting to empower women to feel good about themselves. “As Anna would say, ‘We are applying confidence directly to their eyelids!'”

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