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The Path to Self Confidence, Even In The Face of Rejection

A client once shared with me that even though she’s been on the national speaking circuit for years, she didn’t get the last speaking opportunity she applied for.

She was bummed. But….

She decided to send them an email asking for more information about what they are looking for in the future so she can prepare. That led to a phone call which led her to be booked immediately for the following year. And if one of their speakers pulls out for this year, she’s first on the list. Oh, and they want her to write for their magazine, starting immediately.

That is astounding success.

Here’s what’s huge about this: A year ago, she would have never sent this email. She wouldn’t have even thought about it. She would have just accepted it and moved on.

What has changed? Well… a lot. But it boils down to practicing how to use her voice, which has led to increased self-confidence. Over the years, she has accepted small “homework assignments” where I have challenged her to use her voice and to do things she wouldn’t normally do.

She’s bolder now.

More confident.

More courageous.

Happier in her skin.

And it’s happened with one seemingly small act of bravery after the next. Over time, these small acts of bravery have drastically boosted her self-confidence.

So I have a 2-part challenge to those who are interested.

Step one: Take a small brave step today that takes you in the direction you want to go. For example:

  • Send the inquiry email to the book publisher
  • Apply for the speaking engagement
  • Ask for the media coverage
  • Sign up for the class
  • Write the article
  • Raise your fees
  • Say yes to dessert
  • Say no to dessert
  • Say no to that thing that you know you don’t want to do
  • Say yes to that thing you deeply want
  • Make the phone call to the potential client
  • Extend the plank
  • Tell your team, friends, and family exactly what you need
  • Ask for it (whatever “it” is)
  • Wear that outfit that makes you feel like a million bucks, even with nowhere special to go
  • Use the special dinnerware
  • Break out the red lipstick
  • Fill in YOUR brave small step here …

Step Two: Take a small brave step every day.

Small brave steps, taken consistently, lead to amazing results and a serious long-term boost in self-confidence.

Let’s do this together. We’ve got this.

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