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The Value of Being Quoted in an Article

I was chatting with a client the one day when she told me something extraordinary.

The previous week, she met with a potential client about a high-end service that her company offers. The potential client was interested but because it’s a fairly pricy skin care service, she wanted to think about it.

That afternoon, she called my client back stating that she did some research online about the procedure. She noticed that my client was quoted in the very first article in the search results. So she booked her series of appointments that day.

Here’s the thing: That article was 4 years old. The information was still relevant, and it was still out there working to generate awareness and build credibility.

It made me think about all of the places that my clients and I have been quoted online in the past and how it’s all still relevant today.

Because once you get publicity, it’s yours forever!

  • You can use the logo of the media outlet in your marketing materials forever.
  • As long as the media outlet hasn’t taken it down, it’s still out there providing you with a high-authority back link to your web site, which boosts your SEO.
  • You can take a screen shot of it and let web site visitors read it forever.
  • You can put it in a speaker’s demo reel or an intro video on your web site.
  • It is found by search engines when potential clients searches your name and/or topic of expertise.

The value of just being quoted in an article can boost your business, just like it did my client. One tool I use to find opportunities like this a free service called Hop over and check it out because you can use it for free, too.

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