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The W Nail Bar

Lauren Hunter and her sister Manda Mason wanted to bring something that they couldn’t find in Columbus, a nail salon that offered great customer service, only the best sanitation, and good-for-you products.
“Manda and I love getting our nails done,” says Hunter. “We love nail services and spa services. We’re always the people who have their nails done. We really love self-care and believe in it.”
The duo combined their love for self-care and healthy products and launched The W Nail Bar. 
“The ‘W’ stands for we,” says Hunter. “And we mean it.”
At The W Nail Bar, you’ll find that they take things a little slower than the traditional nail salon. “We develop our brand from the customer perspective rather than from the industry standards,” adds Hunter. “We’re also very cautious about what we put on our bodies because we know that goes in our bodies, so we wanted to use as much natural products as we could that were free from all bad chemicals.”
Typical nail polishes you find in stores don’t have the best ingredients, and because putting good-for-you products on their clients was of the utmost importance, Hunter says she and Mason launched their own line of vegan polishes. 
“Our polishes are free of all harmful chemicals,” she explains. “We don’t use anything that’s not cruelty-free, and being able to control the aspect of a product allows us to be transparent with our clients. We feel like you feel much better when you know and are aware of what’s in the products you’re using.”
Hunter says that much of the focus for The W Nail Bar in 2018 will be about expanding their vegan polish line.
But in addition to expanding their product line, Hunter adds that the also have a lot of other things just on the horizon. 
“We recently opened an in-store concept with DSW through a new partnership,” says Hunter. “This year will be about growing that partnership. We also plan to open multiple other brick-and-mortar stores this year.”
To learn more about The W Nail Bar, visit You can also follow along on Instagram and “like” them on Facebook.

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