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The Wild Sage Collective

Erica Fullen wanted to create both a physical and online space for “all things woo.”
“Meditation is my foundation and I have a passion for sharing it,” she says. “I strongly believe it is the key to unlocking your full potential.”
That’s why she launched The Wild Sage Collective, a modern metaphysical shop, experience, and community that works to demystify items and practices for people while showing them how to experience and use these items in every day life.
All of the products created and sold through The Wild Sage Collective, as well as the services, classes, workshops, and trainings, are design to invite guests in meditation, awareness, and mindfulness.
“Bringing you back to your center, your true self, and connecting you on a deeper level to bring more meaning and purpose to life,” she adds.
Fullen is also the creator of the mala making kit Modmala and is a certified davidji Master of Wisdom and Meditation teacher. She holds a degree in psychology and has spent the last 20 years diving into the studies, education, and practice of the holistic arts.
“In creating The Wild Sage Collective, I have taken these years of experience in the holistic arts and curated a beautiful collection of chakra inspired jewelry, meditation tools, daily rituals, and mala making kits,” she says. 
There are products, services, and experiences available from The Wild Sage Collective. The two main products are Modmala and the collection of Chakra Inspired Jewelry known as EAST. Both of the collections are made in-house.
“Modmala is a DIY kit to create your own meditation beads that can be worn as a necklace or wrap bracelet,” she explains. “I created this kit after years of teaching a mala making class in the states and abroad. After one class on a beach in St. Croix a student came up to me and said ‘you need to put you ad this class in a box for people to create on their own.'”
Fullen says that a few days later she flew home and stated working on the idea that eventually became modmala. 
There’s also EAST, which is a collection of chakra inspired jewelry. “Each piece is designed with high vibe crystals and stones selected to balance a specific chakra in your energy system,” adds Fullen. 
Other products and services include oracle cards, crystals, smudges, journals, handmade soap, reiki infused candles, essential oils and sprays, chakra readings, tarot readings, and reflexology and psychic medium readings with Jenna Long. Experiences available from The Wild Sage Collective include New Moon Circles, Full Moon Fridays, meditation classes, modmala classes, journaling classes, and more.
Fullen says that a new modmala color is released every season, with the summer kit recently launched. “We are creating a new collection of chakra inspired jewels that will launch in the fall and collaborating with some amazing women in the community to bring more experiences and products to our customers,” she adds.
To learn more about The Wild Sage Collective, visit or follow along on Instagram and Facebook.

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