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Throw Nation

Throw Nation allows guests to create a customized experience where they drink beer and throw things.

If you like drinking beer and throwing things, then you may want to take your next girls’ night out to Throw Nation in Dublin. 

“Throw Nation is a ‘Throw Bar’ that opened this spring in Dublin,” says Chief Procurer of Fun Marty Parker. “Throw bars are the latest craze in competitive socializing entertainment after the success of things like color runs, mud runs, escape rooms, and axe throwing, and are just starting to spread across the country with the closest one to Columbus in Michigan.”

Throw Nation is the first-of-its-kind business in Ohio. “We create customized experiences for groups including corporate team building events, birthday, bachelor and bachelorette parties, family gatherings, and date nights,” says Parker. 

Groups at Throw Nation can participate in a variety of experiences and games while enjoying a full-bar: 

  • Beersbee – participants throw a frisbee at beer bottles
  • Balls in a China Shop –  a game show which is created with your party in mind where participants throw baseballs at China plates
  • Foot Bowling – similar to bowling except participants throw foot balls at pins instead of rolling bowling balls.
  • Stump – also known as Hammerschlagen, players take turns hammer their nail into a stump with the back end of a rock hammer
  • Axe Throwing – participants throw axes at a target in plank of wood from 15 feet
  • Curling – an Olympic sport that has contestants slide rocks over synthetic ice to land on targets. (Coming in May)

Parker was excited to bring something like Throw Nation to Columbus because he knows that people are on the hunt for fun experiences. 

“Competitive socializing is a huge craze and people are looking for opportunities to have fun with friends and colleagues,” he says. “After much success in producing color runs, mud runs, bubble runs, escape games, tomato fights, game shows, and ax throwing, Throw Bars are the next thing, which combine a variety of activities. People want to drink beer and throw things!”

Parker says the biggest thing about Throw Nation is creating a customized experience for guests. 

“The bulk of the business is corporate team building so for example, the trivia for Balls in a China Shop, can be tailored to the company doing team building or having a party in the space,” says Parker. “Bachelorette and birthday parties are also customized for individuals.”

Parker says that when guests book an experience with or walk-in to Throw Nation, all they need to do is sign a waiver and let the fun begin. 

“Grab a drink at the bar and start playing games,” he says. “This is the home of drinking beer and throwing things.”

Throw Nation is new to Columbus but Parker is already planning for expansion. He says that he plans to open additional Throw Bars in other cities, including Throw Nation Chicago, which opens in August. 

To learn more about Throw Nation, click here. You can also follow along on social media via Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram, or check them out on Trip Advisor or Yelp.



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