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Time To Wander and Whine

Wander & Whine - Alicia + AlexisAlicia and Alexis, two friends who met while working in the publishing industry, wanted a creative creative outlet where they could share some of their loves – namely, food, Columbus, and travel. “Basically anything you’d consider lifestyle!” Alicia and Alexis tells Cbus Chic.

So they started Wander and Whine, a lifestyle blog where they could share all their favorite things.

Working in publishing, Alicia and Alexis primarily dealt with other authors and their words. But, shine they both have backgrounds in writing, they were missing having a place to practice and share their own work.

“It’s nice to have a creative output to the things we were already doing and excited about. We bonded pretty quickly after we met, thanks to our shared love for eating and travel, and, after finding ourselves at various restaurants and events around Columbus, it seemed like the natural next step to publish a blog together based on all the fun we have on the regular,” the duo shares.

Dani Candi Ad - 2016Alicia and Alexis admit that, anyone who spends time with them knows that they’re a little nutty. “But we have a lot of fun, and we work hard to make sure that comes through in our writing,” they explain. And while their interests are similar, the two bring different things to the table in terms of focus and expertise. They aim to make Wander and Whine unique. Aside from style, they believe that content is king, and work hard to put out a quality post each and every time.

“It helps that we both have strong backgrounds in editing, and of course, the fact that there are two of us! We can also cover a lot more ground that way,” they add.

Aside from the editorial aspect of the blog, Alicia and Alexis also says that meeting people is one the great things to come from the blog. “Columbus is home to some incredible creatives and hard-working talents, and most everyone is just as excited as we are about our city,” they share. Through Wander and Whine, they’ve also met so many local business owners and have gotten to know their products on another level. “Writing the blog has allowed us to grow our circles in countless directions,” they add.

Wander & Whine logoAlicia and Alexis told Cbus Chic they have some exciting things in the works, so keep an eye on the blog for updates!

Learn more at or Instagram at @alicia.wanders and @alexis.wanders.

*Photo from Chelsie Casagrande at Big House Photography with macarons from North Market.