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Wearing White

This Memorial Day weekend, have fun and break out some white fashion pieces. Cbus Chic visits the set of “Good Day Columbus” to talk about how to incorporate white into different looks:

Look 1: White suit with colorful shoes, a shirt, and pocket square. Last year, white men’s suits were popular on all the menswear runways, which means they’ll be strong features this season. While white suits aren’t a new concept, what makes it fun are the influx of colorful accents in the form of pastel accessories and statement shoes.


look 1Look 2: White jeans, a white silk top, and a white leather jacket. Nowadays, monochromic looks are on trend, so don’t be afraid to try this trend using whites. Plus, pairing anything with white denim elevates the look, making it more sophisticated. The key to mastering this kind of outfit is switching up the texture and color of the whites to break up the look.

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Look 3: White jacket, jeans, and a tee. If you don’t think you can pull off a white suit, you can still enjoy the white-wear trend with separates. Similar to how a pair of white jeans adds sophistication to a look, throwing on a white jacket does the same.


look 2Look 4: White linen dress and tan linen vest. Linen has always been huge in the summer because of its breathability and ability to absorb moisture. It’ll come out in full force this year from full linen suits to shorts, t-shirts, jackets, and dresses. 

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These tips will make fashion even more fun this summer. But most of all, remember to wear white with dignity and pride.


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