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When We Find Where We Fit, We Feel Centered

Find Where You Fit is your Columbus fitness guide. My mission is to connect you with a healthy lifestyle that makes you feel good. When you find the right people, places, and routines, you feel happy and confident. I use my training as a physical therapist and my passion for exploring Columbus fitness to help you get past the intimidation factor and give you the comfort of knowing what to expect. The more we know about what’s out there, the more likely we are to have a positive experience trying new things.

The Find Where You Fit Blog features local studios, instructors, kids’ activities, classes, parks, and upcoming fitness-related events in Columbus. Find Where You Fit Events take you inside of Cbus studios for unique private events. Coming soon: Find Where I Fit, your 1-1 fitness consulting service, where you can get an individualized assessment and recommendation.

I’m excited to share a few recent highlights with you!

Find Where You Mind Fits

This month over at Find Where You Fit we have been exploring the connection between movement and anxiety. We partnered with a Gestalt therapist who is teaching us TONS. How can we use movement to become more aware of the way we feel? You can’t fix what you don’t know is giving us trouble. In part one, we discovered that movement can play a part in connecting the mind and body. We became better at noticing signs of stress in our bodies. In part 2, we have started learning skills to break the stress cycle. It is normal to have a stress response, but so much of the time we get stuck and don’t recover to baseline. We talked about family dance parties, talking over a brisk walk, playing Twister, and more. Each week has a challenge where everyone is invited to put it into action and we are sharing with each other on social media. You are welcome to join in!

Ebb and Float

Have you ever floated? Columbus is lucky to have a beautiful new float spa, Ebb and Float, downtown where you can unwind fully. Setting foot in their lobby is relaxing to begin with. The airy lighting, fresh plants, stylish design, and a light scent of diffused oils in the air immediately shifts your mood from the scramble outside to the calm within. I had the pleasure of experiencing their luxurious massage chair before a tour of their tanks. I chose The Wave, where you can stand fully before lowering yourself onto your back to float. The ceiling gradually descends in a wave pattern toward the far side where your feet end up. As the user, I was able to set the light color, make it fade between colors, or go to pitch black. The water us so concentrated with salt that you float weightlessly. My mind drifted between total stillness to light reflections on the past and future, making its way back to stillness. This complete lack of sensory input cannot be found elsewhere.

Barre Crawl, Pt. 1

Find Where You Fit has been on a mission to try every barre class in town. The first installment is live, giving you a peek into classes at Pure Barre, Bexley Yoga, Seven Studios, BalletMet, and Engage HD Fitness. Each one was unique and enjoyable in its own way. I can already tell that no matter what your style is, you’ll find a barre class that works for you. The Engage class was taught in a dark heated room where the instructor was illuminated with glowing balls. It was so immersive and they even offer childcare at some of the classes. Seven Studios brought all the kindness, which is what they are known for. Members and instructors there are incredibly inviting. Bexley Yoga has 4 different instructors, each with her own style, all of which kicked my butt. I love their friendly studio culture and clean beautiful space. Pure Barre is great if you want to get in, torch every muscle you have, and get on with your day. The BalletMet class was more of a restorative style that’s great for beginners or those seeking less intensity. Just learn from me and bring your own band, hand weights, and ball if you like to use those tools.

Stay tuned for parts 2 and 3 coming soon! A few weeks ago we premiered Find Where You Fit Events with a Barre to Barre crawl featuring Bexley Yoga and House Wine. Next up is Barre 3 and Local Roots. Follow on Facebook to catch all upcoming events!

Gifts for Active Kids

With the holidays upon us and shopping in full swing, I brought you a roundup of gifts to give the kid on your list who loves to move. I drew inspiration from the toys my own kids love to play with and I dove deep searching for cool new things. Maybe there’s something here that will help check some gifts off your list!

The 2018 Holiday Guide from Columbus Bloggers

I am proud of my community of Mom Bloggers. Once again this year, we decided to pool our collective skills and knowledge to give readers an all-around better holiday season. This post features inspiration for the best holiday you can have in Columbus! I love the Exhausted Mama’s Guide to Hacking the Holidays, party tips, and gift guides for travelers, kids, and fitness fanatics.

Find Where You Fit Monthly

Want more? Each month, I publish a roundup of healthy happenings around town: Find Where You Fit Monthly. The latest installment features Rise Fitness Community, behind the scenes with the New Albany Ballet Company Nutcracker, paddleboard yoga, a new Piada menu item, and MORE.

I’ll keep exploring and bringing you more Columbus adventures!

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