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When We Find Where We Fit, We Feel Confident

The mission of the Columbus fitness guide Find Where You Fit is to connect you with a healthy lifestyle that makes you feel good. When I find the right people, places, and routines for my lifestyle, I feel happy and confident. There’s nothing like walking into a room and feeling welcomed, especially when you’re about to exercise. A new workout can be crazy intimidating! I want to help you get past the fear of newness and give you the comfort of knowing just what to expect.

With a background in movement science and a passion for exploring fitness opportunities, I channel my knowledge as a physical therapist into a blog. It is your community resource to connect with healthy living choices. The more we know about what’s out there, the more likely we are to have a positive experience trying new things.

Find Where You Fit features local studios, instructors, kids’ activities, classes, and upcoming fitness-related events in Columbus. I’m excited to share a few recent highlights with you!


Did you know you can go on a scavenger hunt by foot around the short north? What a great way to spend time with friends and up your step count! One evening, I hit the streets with some friends, solving the mystery to unlock our inheritance. Amaze Columbus offers indoor escape rooms in addition to the interactive outdoor experience we got to try. I am so glad our group had great attention to detail and knowledge of the area. It was a real challenge and a seriously fun adventure!

614 Fit Week

There is nothing quite as perfect for Find Where You Fit than a whole week where a $12 pass gets you access to gyms all across Columbus! This time, Fit Week took me all over the city, trying new things. I got brave and tried an “In The Mix” class at System of Strength, which torched more calories in an hour than anything else, but it isn’t for everybody. I hung from suspended silks for an aerial yoga class at Infinity Aerial, stretching and exploring movement in a fun new way. They also offer pole, hoop, hammock, and more. The ladies of Divine Impact brought the party. They taught a cardio hip-hop class with enough energy to light up a city! Bexley CrossFit proved to be way less intimidating that I would have guessed. The trainer and the members made me feel incredibly welcome and took great care to teach me excellent form and cheer me on.

Squat with Your Tot!

If you have a baby, toddler, or preschooler, I don’t have to tell you it’s hard to get in a workout! That’s why I created a program called Squats and Tots, which uses play-based fitness to get families exercising and laughing together through games and songs. Our Itsy Bitsy Spider starts all the way down in a squat and climbs up into a calf raise. When we ring around the rosie, we fall down into planks. I have new offerings this fall and we love having new moms, dads, sitters, and kiddos as young as 6 weeks. Even my 2nd grader loves coming to class!

Babes HIIT Columbus

I had the pleasure of getting to know Kaitie Morris of Babes HIIT Columbus and featuring her brand new group. She’s a friend to all and knows all the great free and cheap workouts in town. I love her energy, warmth, and humor.

Find Where You Fit Monthly

Want more? Each month, I publish a roundup of healthy happenings around town: Find Where You Fit Monthly. The latest installment features my experience with the Biomat at Thrive, a tough-but-gentile jump Pilates lesson, yoga with Namaste in Love in Gahanna, hip-hop with Mike Nicholson, A&F Challenge, back-to-ballet pics from New Albany Ballet Company, and a fun beginner-friendly Pound class using drumsticks to get on your cardio. Plus, see what Taste of Fitness is all about so you can prepare for the big one that always sells out in February. Lastly, I checked out three barre classes at Bexley Yoga. Get excited, because I will be “barre-tending” an upcoming “barre crawl” featuring the ballet-inspired workout offered all across central Ohio.

I’ll keep exploring and bringing you more Columbus adventures!

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