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Where Your Heart Is Now

Where Your Heart Is Now is a fashion, beauty, lifestyle, and travel blog.

Nicole Leffew started her blog, Where Your Heart is Now, in 2015 after realizing the corporate world was not for her. The blog is comprised of many different aspects including fashion, beauty, lifestyle and travel.

“I went to college for Fashion Merchandising then interviewed for a corporate position and I just realized that I didn’t feel fulfilled and it didn’t make my heart happy,” she says.

Leffew started her blog for fun but also with hopes of turning it into a career. She says she had been following bloggers for a while and it sparked something in her.

“I started by just having my husband snap I-phone pictures of me,” she explains. “I posted a lot of random photos until a company reached out to me and actually wanted to send me their products.”

Where Your Heart is Now has grown tremendously since Leffew’s I-phone posts. What started as just an outlet for fashion inspiration has turned into a lifestyle blog which aims to help girls of all ages feel inspired themselves.

“I personally don’t feel confident most of the time and everyone has their own insecurities. That is what I want women to realize. Bloggers aren’t perfect and Instagram girls aren’t perfect. I wanted to create a site where girls can discover affordable products that will help build their self-esteem.”

Where Your Heart is Now has evolved as Leffew has changed and grown herself. She says she has added travel to the blog as she has been traveling a lot, and she plans to add even more to it as readers’ interests grow and her own experiences broaden.

This growth has not come without challenges along the way. “I am a people pleaser in this industry and I never like being negative about anything,” she says. “I made the mistake of once saying yes to a contract with a brand before trying out their product. I hated the product when I actually tried it and I couldn’t share something that I didn’t support myself. I had to be honest about it and the company actually appreciated the feedback. I had to face that awkwardness but I’m glad I learned from it.”

Leffew also included a ‘blogging’ section on the site with tips, tricks and insight into her life as a blogger. She discusses what she would say to someone hoping to become a blogger.

“I would just tell them to go for it. Influencers really are the future and so is social media. It is a perfect outlet to market products in an organic way. I’d say to just start it now and figure it out as you go. It’s so important to reach out to other bloggers and ask questions. Also, don’t be a perfectionist with it, just let it happen.”

To check out Where Your Heart is Now, visit You can also find her on Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook and Instagram.

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