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Willow Layne Lingerie

Abigail Slone is a recent graduate of The Ohio State University, a freelance model, and a member of Columbus Editorial Society. She’s also the creator of Willow Layne Lingerie: an ethically conscious online lingerie boutique that inspires women to be their most authentic, sexy, and confident selves.


Slone got the idea to start a lingerie company while watching an episode of The Officethe “Women’s Appreciation Day” episode (s3e22), where Michael takes all of the women to the mall.


Slone recalls how in the episode, Michael takes them into a Victoria’s Secret store and says that they can all pick out one item for free and they all start shopping happily. Except for Pam, who sighs and says that she’s just going to get a bathrobe to cut up into towels because she’s in-between boyfriends and so she doesn’t need anything sexy.


“I remember feeling disheartened that women in our society feel as if they need a romantic partner in their life in order to validate buying lingerie for themselves,” Slone recalls, adding, “I think that women should feel that they are enough of a reason in and of themselves to go out and buy lingerie that is comfortable and that makes them feel confident and sexy, regardless of whether or not they have a partner.”


After Slone got the idea for the lingerie company, it all started pretty quickly. She applied for a business license and sellers permit the next week and shortly after that had her online boutique and social media accounts up and running.


For Slone, the thing that makes Willow Layne unique is that it’s both ethically conscious and body positive. She feels that there are a lot of brands out there that are either one or the other, but not both. A huge part of Willow Layne’s mission is focused on providing gorgeous lingerie for women of all sizes that is designed with the woman’s comfort as the first priority.


Their ad campaigns and advertising also reflects their dedication to being a body-positive company, with a very passionate commitment to making sure that they’re doing everything they can to make women feel that they’re beautiful exactly the way they are.


Slone’s favorite part of launching Willow Layne has been getting to know some of the models that she’s worked with at their product shoots. “I’ve had a few girls approach me and tell me that they weren’t sure if they had the right body for a lingerie shoot, or that maybe they should ‘lose 15 pounds’ before the shoot,” she shares.


“What I love about this company, and our mission,” Slone says, “is that I can tell them that they are perfect exactly the way they are,” In fact, Slone says, she actually gets excited when she sees a picture that has some “flaw” in it (or what most people would consider a flaw), because she thinks that is what makes women real, unique, and sexy.


“Seeing the models light up after I tell them that they are exactly what I am looking for, because they are perfect just the way they are. That is the most fulfilling thing that I have gotten to do so far,” shares Slone.  


Looking forward, she’s excited about continuing to spread this message of body positivity and the fact that Willow Layne provides gorgeous bralettes for women of every size. 


Willow Layne’s most popular bralettes are “The Lena” and “The Clover,” which are comfortable, flattering halters that fit most sizes. They offer a wide selection of comfortable bralettes that are meant to be worn and shown off under cute tanks, shirts, and sweaters — not just to be taken off in the bedroom.


Plus, as they design the upcoming line (and transition from retail to a brand), they’re also making sure to source fabrics from the most sustainable fabrics on the market, such as tencel and modal, having their products made in factories that maintain only the highest ethical standards. Willow Layne’s products are also always 100% vegan-friendly, because they believe that no living beings should be harmed in making their products.  


Willow Layne Lingerie is, “meant to empower the woman wearing it and to make her feel strong, sexy, confident, and beautiful,” says Slone. 


You can learn more about Willow Layne Lingerie by visiting them online at, and be sure to follow them on Facebook and Instagram: @willowlaynelingerie


And while they’re not releasing the details yet, Willow Layne Lingerie will be having a massive Black Friday sale coming up in November. Cbus Chic readers can use the discount code: cbuschic to receive 20% off their next order. 


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