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With Style From L.A. to Cbus

Owner, Jin Fillinger.

Owner, Jin Fillinger.

Bringing some of her L.A lifestyle to Columbus, Jin Fillinger, a former television and magazine stylist from L.A launched Jinny on August 19, 2006 to spice up the style in the Heart of Short North. “Jinny was meant to express a self-aware point-of-view about style after my years as an editorial stylist,” explains Fillinger.


The former L.A stylist tells us about the everyday Jinny customer who is of any age and is a woman with a strong sense of herself whom dresses for her own pleasure. “Our customer appreciates the chameleon nature of fashion,” says Fillinger.


Offering a private salon-like experience for their customers, Jinny allows everyone who comes into the boutique to express themselves through their style. “Customers love the fashion education we share with them in-season and in advance of each season to keep them in-the-know,” explains Fillinger.


With some exclusive items in for the season, Jinny just recently prepped for fall and shares with us major collections for the season. “We’re focusing on ’40s/’50s feminine silhouettes, american pastoral themes, punk, and mid-century film noir a la Hitchcock,” says Fillinger. Check out M2Malletier, a new luxury handbag collection from Europe of daily clutches, exclusive to the shop for the season.


“They are a need-to-know collection that marries their vision of medieval tools with classic, timeless pieces,” says Fillinger. Not only is Frame Denim new to the shop for denim lovers this season, but they`ve just been branded fashion`s favorite jean which Fillinger is completely smitten about. “It’s poised to be a distinctive season in tones of reds, modern plaids, winter whites, texture in fabrics, and a rocking dose of leather and military shapes to inject a sense of utility and edge to autumn,” explains Fillinger.


Insightly_InStoryAdSharing with us her big announcement Fillinger tells us about a development for a larger store presence within the Short North before the end of 2013. Stay tuned because announcement on a Grand Re-Opening Party will be on the way in early December and they will also be unveiling the seasonal launch of artist-in-residence-series, Kathryn Nova Williams.


“If I were to sum what most motivates and continues to drive the core of Jinny, it would be one of my favorite quotes from Ray Kurzweil: “Find your passion, learn how to add value to it, and commit to a lifetime of learning.” 


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