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Women en Blanc

No life event, whether personal or professional, is too small to celebrate, and that’s what Women en Blanc aims to do by bringing women together. 

“Women en Blanc is an inclusive gathering of women sharing in the celebration of our personal and professional endeavors,” explains Women en Blanc Founder Adrienne Ruff. “It provides an environment to openly engage and commune over brunch while taking a moment to appreciate a grand collaboration of women and their spirit of tenacity.”

Each year, Women en Blanc kicks off in the summer by bringing women to celebrate one another personally and professionally, while dressed to the nines in white. 

“This is a day where women of all nationalities, demographics, and industries can come together, not in competition, but in celebration of each other,” says Ruff. 

The tradition of Women en Blanc offers an environment of networking, socializing, shopping amongst vendors, a bunch, and speakers. 

“The energy of this event is electrifying as well as impactful to so many women,” says Ruff. “This event has become the anticipated event that woman want to attend!”

Ruff says that she was inspired to launch the very first Women en Blanc in June 2017. As the founder of SHE is Visionary, a non-profit organization, Ruff wanted to also offer something to women that celebrated and empowered them under the umbrella of SHE. 

“The event has been such a success it has morphed into its own brand and hosted women from all over the United States,” she adds. “Since 2017 there have been multiple successful sell-out Women en Blanc brunches hosted under SHE is Visionary in Columbus.”

Some of the speakers who have visited Women en Blanc include Lucinda Cross, Gabrielle Deculus, Koereyelle Dubose, Jay Barnett and Jillian Simmons to name a few.

What makes Women en Blanc so unique from other women’s empowerment groups is that it’s not the same old, same old. 

“It’s a beginning to end experience of beauty, elegance, and class from the beautiful venue to the aesthetics,” she says. “Our goal is to make women feel appreciated and that they deserve to be in the room.”

Additionally, women who attend the event don’t just have a good time while they’re there. Ruff says that they leave with actionable steps, resources, new supports, and mentors that will help them along the next steps of their journey. 

“It’s one thing to be empowered and inspired but it’s another thing to get activated and clarification on ‘what’s next’ in your personal journey, doesn’t matter if you’re a boss on the job or an inspiring business owner” says Ruff. 

The next Women en Blanc will kick off in Summer 2020, and the event is open to the public. Details on the next Women en Blanc can be found at You can also follow along on Facebook and Instagram.

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