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Worthington Optimal Wellness

Worthington Optimal Wellness offers a variety of health care services.

Based in holistic health, Worthington Optimal Wellness is designed to help patients maximize their health potential through a variety of preventive, safe, and effective methods. 

Dr. Julia Keiser is behind the practice alongside a team of three doctors, six licensed massage therapists, a licensed acupuncturist, an office manager, and six staff personnel. 

The mission behind Worthington Optimal Wellness is to create a healthier, happier community and world. 

“While this sounds simplistic, we remind ourselves to strive for this each and every day,” says Keiser. “It is our intention that health and happiness are bound together in our lives.”

Keiser says she was inspired to launch Worthington Optimal Wellness after an injury of her own.

“I started my career as a Social Worker. I had fallen down the stairs and had horrible sciatica; nearly unable to walk,” she explains. “I went to my family doctor who prescribed loads of drugs and when they were not helpful, he shipped me off to a series of specialists. I was getting worse, not better and now my menstrual period had completely stopped. All the medical doctors convinced me this was not related to my sciatica. A friend referred me to a chiropractor.”

Keiser says her sciatic was gone within three weeks of her firs visit to the chiropractor, and within a month her period returned to normal except without the cramps. She also found relief from sinus migraines and saw a dramatic improvement in her health, which in turn made her re-examine her career path.

“I had become a social worker to help people reach their full potential,” she says. “After realizing how chiropractic had improved my life in every way, I saw it as a means to help others reach their own potential. I decided then and there to move to Iowa to attend Palmer College of Chiropractic.”

Today, Worthington Optimal Wellness provides a full spectrum of chiropractic services, doctor-supervised massage, acupuncture, nutrition services, weight loss services, nutritional cleansing, supervised exercise programs, custom orthotic services, an allergy cessation system, a smoking cessation program, personal stress recovery systems, customized wellness plans, and ongoing health education.

Worthington Optimal Wellness is the only practice in Central Ohio that combines such a variety of wellness and preventive services to evaluate and design individual wellness programs. 

“We empower our patients to achieve their health goals,” she adds.

Even with all the services currently offered, Keiser says that Worthington Optimal Wellness will expand services to include even more treatments and systems to address improving brain function and aging.

To learn more about Worthington Optimal Wellness, visit You can also download the “5 Secrets to Optimal Health,” which can be done by including your email address on the homepage of the website. 

To find more on ongoing, informative health information, “like” the Worthington Optimal Wellness Facebook page.

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