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Paul Westrick was cycling through the Appalachian Mountains, and deciding to lighten his ride, he wrapped his essentials in a rubber band. Departing with this new minimalist approach, he knew he couldn’t go back to his old-style wallet ways. So, using his design experience, Westrick created a new wallet that not only was practical – but way more stylish than a rubber band. 


Westrick is now the designer and inventor of zerOz wallets. His wife, Allison Westrick, says “people who visit zerOz always talk about him! His passion for the product, the people, for community. He is a believer in helping others slim down, carry less … hence, zerOz is where it is today.”


Allison shares how both she and her husband are designers with their own businesses. “He’s the #1 creator of the zerOz brand and product, I design retail stores/restaurants and brand identity via my consultancy Sketch Blue. You can say: we practice what we preach,” she says. Adding, “we own and operate a retail brand, while developing brands and designs for others. We know what it takes to put a compelling brand out there in the marketplace.” 


ZerOz is a super-skinny, leather wallet for women and men. “Invented, patented and made right here in Columbus. We have a workshop and retail store in downtown Columbus,” Allison says.  And now, they have a second retail store at the Bridge Park Development in Dublin.


The wallets appeal to all those wanting that minimalist approach. The most popular size at zerOz is the middle size: SKINNY (which holds 4-6 cards). The wallets come in an array of leather colors and designs.


Westrick explains how, “sometimes people come in for classic black or brown, or decide to step out with an orange, red, gray, even blue or green! We have embossed grays or metallic leathers. We have something for everyone, at all ages.” 


For those wanting something new, the newest wallets at zerOz can be found in their FUZE collection. “This collection features multi-leather, multi-color, one of kind wallets, with new ones being added every day,” Allison explains.


“We believe zerOz is one of the only wallets available that’s perfect for both women and men,” Allison says. “Everyone uses a wallet and everyone is trying to slim down.” 


You can learn more about zerOz by visiting them online at And be sure to follow them on Facebook and Instagram: @zerozwallet




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