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A Passion For Polish



Exactly one year ago, Rachel Worley had a vision to create a versatile, upbeat nail polish of her own. In November 2011, Rachel sold her first nail polish with a brand by the name of James Robert John. Named after her son, she wanted to create a nail polish brand that would change the way people looked at brands. Worley says she chose to name her nail polish after her son because “It’s what I want the world to be like for him- a place where who we are shines and is celebrated, a place where we are empowered by being true to ourselves.”


James Robert John stands for quality, and Worley believes in customers that are looking for a committed brand . She wants to be a lasting brand built on quality, kindness, and a level of services that clients will love.


JRJ-3She felt as though many brands portray unrealistic ideas and images, and she wanted to create a brand for It Girls and It Guys where they could make their own trends and stories and stop looking to anyone else to tell them who they should be. Worley says this line is about “loving yourself and loving each other.”


You will never have to wonder what the nail polish is made of because James Robert John is vegan nail polish and is cruelty free with PETA. Another way to love others is by giving back, so James Robert John has created two colors that benefit local charities. For each bottle sold, $1 of the sale is donated to the designated charity. James Robert John partnered with Dress For Success Columbus to create a gorgeous red color called ‘Beyond the Suit’. James Robert John also recently just ended a partnership with The Stefanie Spielman Fund for Breast Cancer Research at Ohio State’s Comprehensive Cancer Center-James Cancer Hospital and Solove Research Institute. For every bottle of ‘So Much Love’ that was sold a dollar was donated to help fight breast cancer! Worley also has plans to continue to give back and work with other charities in the future!


This winters latest chic collection is called “The Cold Collection”, inspired by what Worley says is the part of her that sometimes wants to be distant, tough, not so vulnerable, which seems a little cold. She loves that there was a time when no one was wearing black nail polish, or even dark emerald green, or silver in their every day lives. Worley loves how this has evolved and now people wear these colors in their everyday lives, especially during the wintertime. Some of the posh polish names for this collection include: Celebrate, Magnetic, Night Game, and Birthday Money, making this collection perfect for the holiday season, and the chilly nights ahead.


Worley recommends using James Robert John’s Quick Dry Top Coat on top of polish. She says it typically last for 7 days, when using two coats, making it the perfect add on to your everyday nail polish! Rachel also recommends sealing the edges when using the Top Coat to make it expand the life of your color.


Starting this November, James Robert John has created a “Monday, What You Got?!?!” challenge on their Instagram page. Worley wanted to create a community type of effort to be kind and present with one another. She says, “we’re all so distracted and so tuned out sometimes that we neglect real interactions, and that’s what this is about. Something as simple as paying someone a compliment or not using your phone in public for the day could be the challenge. If you follow @JRJPics. They will post challenges each Monday that encourage kindness and connection. Worley hopes the love will spread and hints that there will even be some polish giveaways!


You can test out a James Robert John polish at J. Bentley Studio & Spa in Powell, Snow House Gift Shop at Igloo Letterpress in Worthington, or Simply Vague at Polaris Fashion Place in Columbus.


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