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A Replenishing Place

unnamed-3Located in the heart of downtown Columbus, Replenish is a Yoga Spa run by three women: a mother and her two daughters. The spa co-op provides a space that uplifts, supports, and educates the community in self-love and self-care for everyday life.


According to owner Deja Redman, what makes Replenish truly stand out is its high quality spa services, from traditional services to acupuncture and energy work. Their retail selection, a collection of lifestyle items inspired by and created by local artisans, also makes for a unique and personal touch says Redman. “We are not just a spa, but working together to create healthy lifestyles that are infused with self-care,” she adds.


At the heart of Replenish, is its commitment to not just being a family-owned business, but also a woman-owned business. “Together,” Redman explains, “we recognize the importance of encouraging more women to take ownership in the world of business.”


In fact, Redman says, you can see this dedication in their team of therapists, which they affectionately call their “tribe.” Redman says she encourages her team to contribute to the space by sharing some of their other passions in the retail space. “It’s beautiful when we see an inspired idea manifest,” she says. “Replenish is deeply rooted in speaking to empowering and supporting each other to create our best life. It’s our everyday life that becomes the most challenging and it is our mission to make everyday life more beautiful.”



Redman also tells Cbus Chic about some health and beauty trends she and the tribe at Replenish have been seeing. “More than ever, we’re seeing a rise in the ‘authentic self,'” she says. “The beauty of this ‘trend’ is that it’s not a trend, it’s a movement to be genuine. Authenticity means moving through the world as exactly who you are, and recently we’ve noticed more and more awareness of the authentic self.”


For Replenish, this idea ties into yoga, as one of its basic principles is truthfulness. Yoga is a great way to keep healthy during the winter months, keeping the body moving and the mind at ease. And Replenish is the perfect place to move into this mindset.


unnamed-4Redman says Replenish celebrates the changing seasons through events such as their upcoming “Winter Harvest” event on December 5 from 4-8PM. During the event, attendees will spend the evening experiencing live music and good food, and connecting with some beautiful people. They’re also featuring some local vendors and holiday shopping. So join Replenish for an evening of good, wholesome community love.


To learn more about Replenish: the spa co-op, visit them online at or give them a call at 614.429.3165. You can also follow them on Facebook, Instagram @bereplenish or download their app Replenish Yoga Spa.