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A Statement Piece

As Spring approaches, it’s time to bring out your bright colored accessories! Learn how the founder of A Statement Piece turned her passion for fashion into a profession that brings handmade accessories to lots of local ladies.

IMG_6991Rian Keller, designer and founder of A Statement Piece, has always been intrigued by art and fashion. Beginning to sew and sketch at age 13, Keller continued to grow her talent and keep up with the latest fads and fashion.


“I am also an avid believer and fan of DIY projects and all things creative,” says Keller.


A Statement Piece was first born as a hobby when Keller would share her creative work on social media, receiving great feedback and support from family, friends, and affiliates.


With the idea of wanting to encourage her followers to make their own statement, A Statement Piece officially started in October 2013, specializing in custom made accessories.


Keller is the designer and creator of all handbags made at A Statement Piece. Her aunt is the scarf designer, hand knitting and crocheting all of the scarves. “Every item that is created is handmade and exclusive with no more that four pieces made per item, making them nearly one-of-a-kind,” Keller explains. “Each new edition is honored under the umbrella of The Keller Collection. My family has been the core inspiration of my business and this is my way of honoring my crafting heritage through A Statement Piece.” View the Keller Collection here.


CBUS_CPHOTO“A few local boutiques and stores have been gracious enough to partner with us to showcase our brand and spread the word to the community,” says Keller. 


Items from A Statement Piece can be found in the Short North at Kifle Shoe Boutique, Simply Vague in Polaris Mall and Snob Boutique located in Dayton, Ohio.


“We look forward to building new relationships and offering our designs in more stores across the US in the near future,” says Keller.


“Spring/Summer 2014 will be the seasons to find floral themes, bold and bright colors, and mixed patterns. The way fashion trends are moving forward, you can’t go wrong when styling a custom handbag or scarf. Whether you are updating last years favorite outfit with a fresh pop of color, or finishing this years new treasure find, adding ‘custom’ makes your look eye-catching.” 


A Statement Piece plans to partner with the best fashion vocals to continue to focus on the trends and desires of their fashion audience. “Our mission is to encourage others to embrace their inner and outer beauty with custom made accessories that enhance and compliment their own style.”


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