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A Universal Standard

Polina Veksler and Alexandra Waldman were tired of the fashion industry standard. So, in September 2015, they launched Universal Standard: a size-inclusive apparel brand. 

“We started the brand for a simple reason. Nothing like it existed in this space and we thought it was about time that it,” explains Waldman, co-founder and CCO. “When we looked at clothing for women in double digit-sizing, we just saw a lot of fast fashion. And not a lot of attention being paid to quality or great design or fit. So we decided to step in and change.” 


Universal Standard has grown since that launch. Where they were once in Waldman’s one-bedroom apartment, the brand is now bicoastal with a showroom in New York and Seattle. 

In mid-November, they’ll be launching the Tria Collection with Danielle Brooks. The line will feature the three pieces Danielle wishes she always had in her wardrobe, but couldn’t find. “But we also have some other really incredible things coming out. So be sure to watch the space,” teases Waldman. 

Currently, they’re on a 12 city tour (Columbus, Oct. 31) that features a pop-up shop and model search.

Waldman shares how meeting their customers has been one of the best parts of the tour. “We’re an e-commerce business, so our interaction is primarily through the screen, through the computer. It’s been just amazing to put some faces to the names that we’ve gotten to know over the two years that we’ve been around.”
Waldman says that it’s also rewarding to meet people who haven’t heard of the brand yet, to hear their feedback, and to see Universal Standard clothes on them for the first time. “The whole experience has just been wonderful,” says Waldman. 

Learn more about Universal Standard online at

Check out their video below of the Columbus Show at Vue: 



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