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An Alchemist Mama

Erica KingErica King was working a working a full-time job and taking care of her two-year old son, August. And when she wasn’t at work, her evenings and weekends consisted of playing trains and watching “Barney.” But when she started singing “Barney” songs at work, she said, “I realized maybe it was time I found something to do for myself that I enjoy.”


“As a mother, I’ve been skeptical about what chemicals are in products we use in the house and since organic products are so expensive, I decided to try making some of my own,” she said. Skincare products always fascinated King, who worked formerly as a hairdresser for several years. So she decided to try making some products on her own that were free of harmful chemicals – and safe for her and her son.


She said, “It was the best outlet for me to relax and spend about an hour to myself creating something that not only makes me happy, but makes other people feel good about themselves and their skin by knowing that it works and it’s safe.”


il_570xN.757232737_8jl5King started Alchemist Mama in January 2015, creating and selling her own natural skincare products. And as a new business, she’s been loving the experimentation process of making your own lotions and soaps – especially ones that are safe, free of chemicals and good for the skin.


“Almost all of the ingredients in my products can be found in a typical kitchen pantry, and I think that is the best part. Everything I use is organic, including the essential oils I scent my products with,” King said.  And she said it’s been fun  learning about essential oils and how they can change your mood.


King loves knowing that her products make people feel good inside and out. The scents and look of the products are just as important to being green. “Being green is important to me and the products I make because I don’t want to put unnecessary chemicals on the largest organ of my body, or my son’s,” she said.


il_570xN.744973899_9ffuOrganic lotions are extremely overpriced, and as a mom, King understands the importance of maintaining a frugal lifestyle. “I buy organic ingredients in bulk, or use ingredients I already have that serve other purposes, like oats and flaxseed, to cut down the cost without losing quality,” she said.


Alchemist Mama is extremely new, and King says that the best part of starting Alchemist Mama is that it’s a hobby that benefits herself, her son, and others. And while she’s still learning every day what works and what doesn’t, she said, “right now, I’m just very excited to continue making products that make people happy, smell great, and create soft skin!”


Check out Alchemist Mama on Facebook, or visit her Esty shop and pick up one (or two) of her natural skincare products.