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Are you Struggling with Psychological Distress? 

If you told early 2019 about what we are going through in 2020 she would not have believed you! No matter where you sit on all the issues, it is simply a stressful time. Even as time passes and the “new normal” that we touted as the catchphrase in April now becomes the reality of September, it is simply unbelievable. We are experiencing the perfect storm of political instability, social injustice and global pandemic all causing havoc on our immune systems, our inner peace and for some, our mental health. 

Intense stress is a real health issue. You do not have to be formally diagnosed with an anxiety disorder or major depressive disorder to be suffering. When external events or stressors place demands upon us that we are unable to cope with, it is referred to as Psychological Distress. Over the years, I have probably placed more people on medications for this than clinically diagnosed anxiety and depression. Our response to these external stressors impacts our level of functioning and interferes with your activities of daily living. It can result in negative views of the environment, others, and ourselves. Sadness, insomnia, anxiety, distraction, and symptoms of mental illness are manifestations of psychological distress. 

Situations that may trigger Psychological Distress can be as intense as traumatic experiences or as commonplace as bad traffic. Therefore concerns regarding health and safety during a pandemic, food and job insecurity, political unrest, and social strife are clearly acceptable causes of how we might be struggling at this time. 

Instead of focusing on the unknown and what is out of our power, we can manage stress with a number of options: 

1- Find joy in daily life- Look beyond the chaos and see how your family has come together during this difficult time, how communities have found the determination to strive for better police regulation and communication. Consider that you found the determination to make major life changes because you had a little more time to put towards yourself. 

2- Find your Squad- Get a support system even if they are far away. Set regular zoom calls or lunch dates to create the comfort of a schedule and bring a little normalcy back into your life. Trust me not only do you need it but your friends and family will appreciate this as well. Consider getting a life coach. The purpose is to have someone to walk with you through life change and provide the support and knowledge you need to succeed. 

3- Add CBD to your regimen- CBD is excellent for calming anxiety, lifting mood, improving sleep, decreasing inflammation and pain and much, much more. CBD is an excellent option to bring balance during a time of uncertainty. Whether using a daily tincture or gummy the numerous other ways it can be incorporated into your life. Make balance a priority. You can find relief from the stress of today without necessarily going on prescription medication.

If your emotions are getting the better of you and things are feeling out of control, make an appointment with your physician. Do not underestimate your feelings and reaching out can prevent psychological distress from progressing to potentially PTSD. 

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Dr. Williams is a Board-certified family physician, cannabinoid physician and life coach. She is the owner of Green Harvest Health Clinics and GHH CBD Medicinals. Learn more at

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