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A Balmy Solution

Lindsey Moeller holds a BS in Biology and Molecular Genetics from The Ohio State University and studied independent cancer research there.


She also studied herbalism, but it was the loss of her mother from an incurable environmental cancer, mesothelioma, that led her to create Balm Skincare.


The family‚Äôs battle against this disease, and having to navigate through their best options, opened their world to the confusing and overwhelming space that’s healthcare. It eventually led them to holistic medicine (as their last option). Holistic medicine provided healing, vitality, and quality of life during the last moments with their mother. 


After her mother passed, Lindsey wanted to bridge the gaps that existed in their experience with cancer treatment and healing. She channeled her pain and launched Balm Skincare as a means of achieving legitimacy for natural living and getting more raw products in the marketplace.


Balm offers skincare solutions that not only focus on educating their customers, but also empowering them to make healthier lifestyle choices. It’s about making a healthier community of thought leaders for Balm.


For balm, this is about more than just skincare. “We want our customers to begin with the skincare routine, and improve that by lessening their exposure to chemicals. But ultimately, we want to empower our tribe to make healthier lifestyle decisions in every area of their life,” says Katie Schacht, Head of Marketing and Operations.


Schacht says Balm wants to help answer the questions that come up when you’re trying to switch to an aluminum-free deodorant, or explain the importance of eating organic, for example.


“This is a lifestyle change that we stand behind, and we want to encourage,” she explains. 


And as far as products go, Balm’s shelf life, and the raw nature of their products, makes it fairly distinguishable in the marketplace. “We don’t know of many other companies doing truly raw, made-to-order skincare regimens. It’s our desire to really commercialize that, so that these options are available on a wider scale,” explains Schacht.


For Balm’s skincare line, their best-selling products include the face cream (moisturizer). “Our customers can smell and feel a difference as soon as they put it on their skin. It’s super moisturizing and beyond that, it’s balancing for your skin,” shares Schacht.


Schacht also says that customers really enjoy Balm’s charcoal face wash. “Charcoal is a ‘hot beauty’ trend right now,” she explains. Adding how “with our face wash having that ingredient in its raw form makes it extra powerful for detoxing and solving a lot of issues for those who’re acne prone.”


Balm just launched trial sets; now you can sample their skincare regimen at a much lower price point to see how well it works for your skin. “If you head to our site, you can select the trial regimen of your choice,” shares Schacht. 


Catch Balm skincare’s pop-up at THREAD in Grandview on May 25, plus Schacht says there’s a chance they’ll be at a Beauty Boost event on June 14th. Learn more about Balm Skincare by visiting online at And be sure to follow along on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram@balmskincare. 



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