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Balm’s 5 Summer Beauty Tips

Our Local Editor chats with Katie Schacht, Head of Marketing and Operations for Balm Skincare. During the talk, she learned all about one of Balm’s founders, Lindsey Moeller, and her mission of natural living and getting more raw products in the marketplace. 


Schacht also shares Balm’s 5 Beauty Tips for the Summer. Read on to learn all about their inside advice for keeping your skin happy and healthy this summer: 


1. Hydration (moisturizer and water): It’s so important in the summer months to be sure you’re staying hydrated. This is vital to your health and your beauty. Always apply a great moisturizer, and get plenty of water.


2. Practice safe sun: Use a non-nano sunscreen as a sun protectant. While you should get outside to get your exercise (and maintain your glow) be cognizant of when you’re planning to be outside. Try to avoid being out in the peak heat of the day (12-2PM).

When you’re outside, use a hat to prevent sun damage and burn. Also, take note of the cosmetic procedures you’re planning during summer months. If you’re planning a lot of microdermabrasion for example, you’ll need to take extra precaution since that may leave your skin more exposed to the sun’s rays.


3. Use soap free cleansers: The dry summer months may cause your skin to dry out more than usual. Using a soap-based cleanser can cause you to lose your acid mantle that’s designed to protect the skin. This is why we designed our products without soap — to maintain your pH balance healthfully and keep you balanced. 


4. Summer is the perfect time to display your natural glow: Be sure you’re using a good skincare regimen as your skin eases into the warm weather. This will keep your skin glowing and healthy. Don’t wear a lot of makeup in the summer! It’s warmer outside, so you don’t need to add steps to your beauty routine — just let your beautiful skin shine through!

Also, eat lots of raw and organic fruits and vegetables this time of year. They’re great for your summer bod, as well as for your skin’s glow.    


5. Purposeful accessories: Glam up your look with sunglasses and fun hats this summer! Step outside your comfort zone. Accessories play a role in safe sun this time of year and look adorable.  


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