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Baydian this Fall

IMG_9683A new e-commerce fashion company based in Circleville, OH was launched this year specializing in hand-painted scarves that express the owner’s Caribbean heritage while giving your wardrobe vibrant versatility.


Tamara Holder, Owner and Designer of Baydian (which is the second part of Barbadian, referring to someone from Barbados, but Holder adds a stylish “y”) officially created the company in January 2014. But she has enjoyed designing scarves since she was 11 years old. “I actually started painting scarves as an art project in secondary school in Barbados. Our art teacher was showing us the different types of art and when we reached painting textiles, I chose to create a scarf,” Holder recalls. “After three months, I submitted a burnt orange scarf with hand-stitching and hand-sewn sequins. From then on, I continued to paint scarves as a way to relieve stress, then it became a hobby and then I occasionally sold my designs.”


The Baydian collection can be found at Go-Go Chic Fashion Truck and Team Chipmunk. “We will be announcing a new addition to our Fall/Winter 2014 collection at our launch party this September,” Holder explains. “Right now, it’s a secret.”


Holder shares with us some trends to look forward to for Fall/Winter 2014. She tells us that scarves are going to become more than just a neck accessory. “InStyle magazine actually stated that the biggest trend will be belting your scarf,” Holder says. “I’m so excited and will be incorporating this trend and my personal scarf style on the Baydian Girl blog and as I attend fashion events this season.”


IMG_9687Holder is the creative designer behind Baydian adding originality with purpose to the scarf industry. She isn’t alone though; her team is a huge part of building the brand image as well. “I have an amazing and supportive team. They are my photographer Susie Coldren of Coldren Photography, my models and friends Bridget Johnson and Adrienne Raynell, and my lovely friend, Meredith Fairrow who doubles as my assistant at most of my events,” she says. “I call them my Dream Team because they support my dream and in turn I always make sure I help them achieve theirs.”


Baydian has some exciting plans coming up this season. First, they are planning to have a storefront by the end of 2014, and will be planning a launch party in late September with more details. Continuing to create outfits out of scarves, Baydian will add a dark edgy makeup mixed with traditional Caribbean styling, at Great Lakes Fashion Week on October 25th in Cleveland, OH. Baydian is currently in the works of a new project with Your Style Hunter and other local fashion businesses to highlight women who are fighting Cancer in the month of October. “We will also be collaborating with local and national blogs to show our customers how to style their scarfs in the coming months.”


Baydian has created a calendar on their press and events page to keep up-to-date on what is next for them. Learn more about Baydian at their website.



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