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Beauty: Controlling Your Frizzy Hair

We all love summer, but there are definitely some beauty challenges to overcome. A top contender, Frizzy hair!


In Columbus we have our fair share of humid days, where relative humidity is almost always over 50%, but that doesn’t mean that you have to resort to pony tails for your summer style!


A little preventative action and some preplanning can help you have Frizz Free hair this summer.


First things first, it’s important to understand why our hair gets frizzy. It’s simple, dry hair means frizzy hair. If your hair is dry or damaged it is more likely to get frizzy when it is humid because it soaks up all of the excess moisture in the air, quickly causing the appearance of frizz.


The more moisture you have in your hair the less frizz you are going to experience. I recommend starting with a professional conditioning treatment. Canvas Salon in Powell offers Aveda’s Professional Moisture and Damage treatments for just $20.
The healthier your hair is the less likely it is to be frizzy.
The easiest option for summer hair is always to work with what Mother Nature gave you. If you have natural wave or curl, embrace it. Straight hair? Wear it straight. (At least on those really humid days!)


When you are styling you need to consider 3 important product steps: Pre-Style, Style, and finishing products. A pre-style product preps the hair for it’s final look, provides heat protection, and usually is home to the humidity protector. Your style product is going to provide a holding agent so that whatever shape you want your hair to have (straight or curly) it will last. Your finishing product could include a shine and frizz serum, and/or a light-hold hairspray. This gives you the final polish that will allow your summer hair to be gorgeous and frizz free!


Straight Hair? Try Aveda’s Smooth Infusion Style Prep. It ad’s moisture, a heat protectant, and a 12-hour humidity defense.

Curly hair? Try Aveda’s Be Curly Style Prep. This cream based product adds moisture, a humidity barrier, and a wheat protein that helps shape your curls!


For your style products: Straight hair? Try Aveda’s Naturally Straight after your style prep. Curly hair should follow their style prep with Aveda’s confixor light hold gel.


For the final bang, both hair types can use Aveda’s Smoothing Fluid, a weightless shine and frizz serum, and Air Control, a flexible hold hairspray that will set your look without giving you helmet hair!


Follow these steps and you’ll be on your way to a frizz free summer.



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