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What’s Trending Now for Fall/Winter

When was the last time you updated your look? Hopefully you made some changes for the Spring/Summer season. But if you didn’t, you don’t want to miss an update for Fall/Winter 2014. Seasonal change helps you stay looking your best.

Like all things in life, our style should evolve or we’ll wake up one day and feel like we’re looking at one of those old embarrassing family photos — only it’ll be real time. Don’t be afraid to embrace changes with your look, even if they’re small. People will notice and you’ll be feeling better than ever.


Start with the simplest change you can make: your nail polish color. Fall/Winter 2014 brings us more opaque polishes in a mix of bold colors.


Look for rich matte colors in purples, blues, oranges, and teals. Need something softer for your look? Try one of the many neutral tones rocking this seasons runways. Check out OPI’s newest collection: Nordic.


Next up, let’s talk hair. How many women do you know rocking the beachy wave? Well, that look is amped up to something a little more glamous this fall. Look for smooth waves more reminiscent of the 1940’s. Fall/Winter 2014 is also seeing a comeback of ringlet curls. Try Aveda’s Be Curly Curl Enhancer for either of these looks. It will help shape the curls or waves you want and eliminate frizz.


Do you wear your hair short, or have you been dreaming of short hair? Fall/Winter 2014 is the time to take the plunge. We’re seeing the Pixie Cut on many designer runway shows. Check out Oscar De La Renta’s Fall Show and the Fall 2014 Balenciaga’s ad featuring Giselle wearing a barbered short haircut.


Hair color in Fall/Winter 2014 is all about rich, solid colors. We’re starting to see the ombre look fade away as single colors take the spotlight. Look for cooler coppery reds and dark golden brown colors.


If you happen to be a blonde, but don’t want to say goodbye to your lighter locks, try a color gloss to create a little more warmth. The cool icey blondes of summer are gone for the golden blondes of the fall. Check out Aveda’s hair color collection Romantic Grandeur Collection.


The best thing about trends is you can take on any or all of them. Don’t feel like you have to make huge changes, embrace the one that feels the best for you!


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