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Born To Blog

For most people, writing is something to do in your spare time. But for Kelsea Wiggins, it’s only way she knows how to communicate. Wiggins jokes that she was (unfortunately) born to write. 


“I started writing because I had to. Journals, notebooks, even this rinky-dink software on our family’s Gateway Desktop called Creative Writer .. I have always had to have some sort of outlet,” Wiggins says.


Wiggins adds that, “if I don’t write, the spontaneous combustion would be insane. Lucky for everyone in the surrounding area, I’ve been blogging since ‘97.” She laughs, saying that back then it was just called ‘typing on WordPad. “But for all intents and purposes, we’ll call it blogging,” she declares. 


And putting it out into the world wide web is just risky and just daring enough to make it all worth it for her. Her current blog is, a lifestyle blog where she:

  • highlights  young professional women (Gunnergirls)
  • reviews different events in the Columbus area (Kelsea in Columbus)
  • rambles about her life as a 25-year-old social strategist working for an ad agency downtown (Ramblings)
  • keeps her audience updated on everything she’s currently into (Currently)

Wiggins explains that her blog is unique because she’s unique. Saying, “my experiences are just like yours, but I guarantee my perspective is completely different. The mission of my blog is ultimately to build and foster relationships. I truly believe that’s all that this life is about: relationships.” 


She notes that while it’s always cool to have good analytics, to see that people are reading it, sharing it, or have an opinion about what you’re writing. For her, the highlights are the things the analytics can’t record.


“Like when I run into an old acquaintance that I barely spoke to in high school and they tell me that they read my blog. Or when my mom tells me she had no idea I was such a great writer. Or when one of my Gunnergirls says the profile I wrote on her came up in a job interview,” she says. Adding, “it’s crazy how being vulnerable, first, makes everyone else open up.” 


But blogging isn’t the only way Wiggins communicates with the world now. Recently she started doing a podcast called Slings and Arrows which is a production of Women in Digital. Wiggins explains how it’s become quite the passion project.


“I knew I loved writing, I didn’t realize I would love being a co-host on a podcast. I love how much life is always stretching me outside of my comfort zone. I’ve always been passionate about women’s rights and advocating for social change. This podcast gives me the opportunity to do that weekly,” she says. 


Catch Kelsea Wiggins co-hosting Slings and Arrows by subscribing to the podcast on iTunes. Read all about Wiggins and her blog by checking it out online at and follow along on social media at @kelseagunner (Twitter, Instagram). You can also connect directly by emailing her at


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