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Bride-to-Be: Hair and Makeup

UntitledYou got the perfect dress, dressed your wedding party in the perfect complementary fashions and chosen the right bustle and accessories, so now it’s time to talk hair and make-up. You should plan to match your hair and makeup to the style of your dress and to the style of your wedding. If you’re planning a chic and sophisticated wedding, your look should be the same! Below are the perfect hair and makeup styles recommended for common necklines.



One-shoulder. The one-shoulder is extremely popular this season and with this gown, I recommend a hairstyle to one side such as side swept curls or a braid or pony, which will help balance the neckline.


Off the Shoulder. The off-the-shoulder look is pure sophistication. For this neckline, I recommend a smooth and simple up-do such as a bun. This helps draw attention to your shoulders, which are beautiful on every woman.


Strapless. The strapless neckline isn’t going away and is a staple for many brides. With this neckline, I suggest wearing your hair down and creating long, flowing locks. By leaving your hair down, it offers more versatility in photographs by giving you the option to pull it up to one side or over your shoulders for more coverage. A side part with waves is a great look and you can add a hairpiece on one side for a more classic look.


V-Neck. The V-neck gown is perfect for an up-do, which will help elongate your neck making you appear tall and lean.


High Neckline. Any high neckline requires an up-do to show off the gown. For this look, I like loose waves that allow for a contrast with the ladylike collar. A textured look that appears to be imperfect is perfect!


For make-up, you should always choose colors that are complementary to your skin tone and don’t overwhelm you or take over your entire look. If you are going for a bold eye, choose a neutral lip color. Or if you prefer a bold lip, take it easy on the eyes. Here are a few tips to keep in mind when it comes to your make-up.


Don’t do it all yourself. If you choose to do your own make-up, it’s a good idea to talk with a professional first. There are many things you have to consider for bridal make-up, you don’t have to think about on a normal day, such as how certain colors will photograph or if a certain foundation base will appear oily after several hours. A professional can help you determine these factors and give you the best advice to help you look perfect on your special day.


Schedule a trial run. Whether you’re doing it yourself or going to a professional, always do a trial run of your make-up to make sure it’s the perfect look before the big day.


Don’t forget the brows. Your eyebrows can change the entire appearance of your face so don’t forget to let a professional help you shape up! Also, get this done several days before your big day to avoid any redness.


Waterproof, waterproof, waterproof. Even if you don’t think you will cry, you indeed probably will! But, that’s okay, choose the waterproof makeup option and keep moving.


Learn something new? I hope so! As always, feel free to drop me a line with any questions at I hope you’re getting excited about your big day!

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