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Carol’s Inspirations

Libby Karman is a recent grad from The Ohio State University. She’s also an entrepreneur and the founder behind the small, family owned business Carol’s Inspirations.

Karman says her shop, which find inspiration from her grandmother, creates a timeless way to honor family memories and meaningful phrases with custom laser-engraved plaques. 

Karman finds inspiration in her grandmother, Carol, who battled cancer for over 20 years. “During this time, she found strength and hope from inspirational phrases printed on simple magnets,” she explains. “This simple and special way to find strength and hope was the spark for Carol’s Inspirations. While my grandmother used these magnets for her inspiration for her battle with cancer, we hope that our wood engravings offer the same hope for whatever you are facing or celebrating.” 

Karman’s plans for her business arose while finishing her degree at Ohio State, and while she was planning a wedding. “Luckily, we have a very strong team and partners that we can lean on, so we were able to get it up and running within a couple of months,” she says. “Having majored in strategic communications, I definitely pull a lot from what I have learned from my classes and applied it to Carol’s Inspirations, such as how to make media lists, press releases, and even finding partners within the Columbus community through the clubs I was involved in. This business is my passion, so even though there was a lot on my plate, I was up for the challenge.”

Carol’s Inspirations is an online-based business, but she’s offering up plenty of gifts for Father’s Day. She recommends going custom for dad. “Everyone has a special picture of the family or a ‘dad quote’ that is always said around the house, so why not put those on a plaque? Our ready-made quotes do offer a wide selection, but in my opinion, there is nothing better than getting a gift that was made specially for you.”

To learn more about Carol’s Inspirations, visit You can also follow along on Facebook and Instagram to see new products, ideas for your own plaque, and more.

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