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Catting Around

Ashlynn Brink is the owner of Housecat Club, where she makes uncommon goods for exceptional cats. The small, local company specializing in handmade cat toys originally started off as a final project.  In 2011, Brink’s final project for a college course on finance was to start her own business.


“I didn’t even know how to sew at the time, but I thought it would be fun to make and sell my own cat toys. So I picked up a needle and thread and opened an Etsy shop,” Brink recalls. 


“Much to my surprise, my toys become quite popular so I continued to run my Etsy shop on nights and weekends or whenever I could find time between working and school,” she continues. Eventually it became too much to balance and she had to shut down the shop. 


“But I could never stop thinking about cat toys or bring myself to unload the small studio’s worth of crafting supplies I’d accumulated over the years,” she adds. 


Brink decided there was something in that feeling. So in the summer of 2014, she made a bold decision. “I quit my job as the manager of a dog daycare, founded Housecat Club, and devoted myself to making cat toys full-time,” she shares. 


With Housecat Club, Brink can make fun and unique toys for cats. And whereas most cat toys are made from wool, her line is comprised of vegan, recycled, and recyclable materials that are manufactured in the USA.


Brink notes how, “all of our toys are handcrafted with love in our Columbus studio and stuffed with certified organic, California-grown catnip.” 


But what kind of fun and uncommon goods can you find at Housecat Club? For Brink, her fave is also their bestseller: the catnip banana peel. “It also doubles as a very stylish hat,” she adds. The catnip banana peel is followed closely – in popularity – by the catnip taco and pizza slice. 


There’s some new things lining up for Brink and Housecat Club. In June, they’ll be launching a summer line of cat toys and will be giving away a free catnip picnic ant with each order.


Stay up-to-date with and learn more about Brink and Housecat Club by visiting them online at Be sure to visit the Etsy shop at and follow on Instagram:

And around the holidays, you can find them at most local pop-up craft shows.


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