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Mary Cowx launched Cbus Food Bloggers as a way to interact with local food bloggers. #cbusfoodbloggers is a platform for Columbus food bloggers to connect and collaborate with each other and with local businesses.  


For them, the definition of “blogger” includes both the traditional website platform and Instagram blogging.  


Which is known in some circles as micro-blogging. “But everyone looks at me funny when I use that term,” Mary teases. 


Cbus Food Bloggers aims to strengthen the food blogger community while bridging the divide between restaurant owners, chefs, and bloggers. In short, the group’s purpose is much more than providing its members with cool experiences. They want to help grow and shape the food scene. “Because we love Columbus. And we love to eat.  And we love telling people all about it,” Mary exclaims.


So far, Cbus Food Bloggers has partnered with several local restaurants, including The Kitchen, Balboa, and Paulie Gee’s. They have upcoming collaborations on schedule with 61Pho, Wolf’s Ridge Brewer, and Twist on Olives. Plus they’re working on some ideas to partner with LSS Food Pantries this summer.


To become a member, Cbus Food Bloggers ask that you be an active Columbus blogger with more than 50% food content (OR an active Columbus Instagrammer with at least 75% food content), at least 3 months of online foodie presence, and a passion for creating buzz about food in Columbus. 


If folks are interested in joining, they should email: And you can check out a full listing of members by clicking here


Meet the 4 Community Leaders:

The role of the CL team is to network, plan events, and handle all the behind the scenes admin stuff, that as Mary puts its, “no one else wants to deal with.”  


Mary Cowx:  

IG: @ferventfoodie
Occupation:  PhD Student
IG Tagline:  Restaurant Scouter Outer.  Exercise enthusiast. Lover of spreadsheets.

Mary Cowx is an Accounting PhD student with a passion for healthy living. An Ohio native, Mary spent several years in Charlotte, NC where she helped create the Charlotte Food Bloggers organization.  She now resides in Columbus, OH where she established the Columbus Food Bloggers group in 2016.  Mary’s blog, Fervent Foodie, which she started in 2010, features everything from easy, scratch-made recipes to restaurant reviews, all with a health-focused spin.  


Erin Vasicek:

IG: @thespiffycookie
Occupation: Mad Scientist
IG Tagline: Food Blogger. Purple Hair. Root beer lover.

While Erin may bake with all sorts of sweetness, the recipes on her blog are everything from sweet to savory and classic to off-the-wall ideas in her kitchen. She also loves exploring and immersing herself in all that Columbus offers: anything with friends, fun, and food.  


Jordan Ankerman:

IG:  @midwest_foodfest
Occupation: Teacher
IG Tagline: Columbus, Nashville, & Ann Arbor Eats (& beyond) Two girls from the Midwest only eating the best

Jordan is a creative teacher and foodie who enjoys sharing her enthusiastic demeanor and passion of yummy food with all of her Instagram followers. You can find her eating pizza and snapping photos of her meals wherever she goes!


Stacy Westgerdes:

IG: @eatpretty614
Occupation: Dental Hygienist (she has the teeth to prove it!)
IG Tagline: Eating to look and feel good from the inside out. Lover of all things fitness.

Stacy is a dental hygienist who lives and works in Dublin. Loves trying new places and new cuisines. Loves fresh ingredients and will never follow a recipe; she has to enhance the recipe in some way or another!


In addition to the 4 CLs, Cbus Food Blogger wouldn’t be complete with the volunteer team running its social media accounts: 


You can learn more about Cbus Food Bloggers by visiting them online at And follow along on social media: 


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