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Chadwick Home

Torre Summers wants to help you turn your house into a home with Chadwick Home.

As she Chief Visionary and Creative Designer behind the business, she strives to help your home feel like more than just a front door.

“Home is where you feel at peace, where you feel whole, safe, and authentic,” she says. “It is where you feel joy and comfort.”

At Chadwick Home, you’ll find that there is a focus on creating coziness in your home while remaining unique to your style.

“Chadwick Home is a mesh of all the things that fill my home, my heart, and my health,” she says. “It is a place where I have the honor of supporting, encouraging, and creating for all of you. My goal is to create warm, heartfelt feelings, to inspire to push outside cozy zones to capture a new level of cozy living, and to design spaces, celebration boxes, and elf boxes to delight all who experience them.”

Summers says that her inspiration in creating Chadwick Home comes from her creative brain. “I am so inspired by those around me and wanting to celebrate them,” she explains. “I have the gift of seeing the extraordinary in the ordinary and felt it was so important to not only celebrate the large moments in life but highlight the small ones too. Chadwick Home is me. It is comprised of all the things that encompass my world.”

At Chadwick Home you can find Celebration Gift Boxes that contain special, heartfelt gifts for the ones you care about and want to celebrate. the items in the boxes are shopped for and put together by Summers and Chadwick Home. 

“Whenever possible local Columbus and Ohio goods and businesses are used in boxes, as this city and state are my heart and supporting local is super important to me,” says Summers.

The boxes are unique to the person it’s being gifted to. You may also provide gift items to Chadwick Home and have them put together for you in a special way. 

“I use my home, heart, and health as a guide when designing each box,” explains Summers. “Boxes are custom made with the budget given by the client to make sure it is simply special for the one receiving it.” 

Chadwick Home is most known for The Elf Box. “It is a box filled with Elf on the Shelf activities so there is no need for families to stress about this crazy but fun Elf tradition,” she adds. “I have it all covered! I ship all over the country as well as offer pick up to clients who are local to Columbus.”

All of the supplies are included with The Elf Box, except for the elf itself, and each day has simple set up and simple clean up for busy families on the go as well as additional “didn’t move” cards just in case. Brand new boxes are also created every year, so you have something to look forward to every holiday season.

Summers says that what makes Chadwick Home unique is that she looks at gifting, celebrating, and living from a special angle. “Recognizing the seen surface but diving deeper using feelings as a driving force behind all things created,” she adds.

There is always something new on the horizon at Chadwick Home. Summers says she’s currently working on the Cozy Living piece of Chadwick Home and how it will look as we move through 2021. “I’m excited to bring the Home-Heart-Health piece to life,” she says. “And how I can inspire, support, and connect on a higher level with clients.”

To learn more about Chadwick Home, visit  You can also follow along on Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest.

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