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Chic Spotlight: Hope and Light Candle Co

Hope and Light Candle Co is a faith-based candle and wax melt company in Columbus.

Cbus Chic: What is Hope and Light Candle Co?
Stephanie Tahy, Founder of Hope and Light Candle Co: Hope and Light Candle Co is a small, faith-based candle and wax melt business I started when I was laid off in July from my corporate recruiting job of 10.5 years due to Covid-19 reduction in workforce layoffs.

Cbus Chic: What’s the inspiration behind your business?
Tahy: While initially in shock from the news of a layoff I knew this meant God had another plan for me.  While reflecting one evening during prayer I had a candle lit and I thought – I have always loved candles maybe I should try making them to supplement our income in the event finding another job will not be as easy as I hope during the pandemic. I ordered some starter supplies and fell in love with the process. One day as I was sitting outside just enjoying the afternoon an idea was just placed on my heart as using my business as a way to support a close family who had just recently found out their daughter was diagnosed with cancer just two weeks before her sixth birthday. I was feeling helpless and realized I could use this as a means to assist them in their journey. I had decided to let Myla hand (nose) pick the scents herself. I immediately reached out to her mom to find out what she liked. Nature loving Myla insisted on a “bug spray” scent. So I ordered about 9 different outdoor scents, made some sample wax melts, and had Myla choose her favorites. This is how the Myla Collection came about, and 100 percent of the proceeds from her collection are directed to the family to use as needed in their journey through Myla’s fight against childhood cancer.

At the same time my oldest daughter was finally getting stable treatment and finding something that worked for her depression/anxiety after her battle for years, including two stays in the hospital for suicidal watch a few years back. Her own father had passed from a failed suicide attempt when she was just 8 years old after our divorce. So I realized I could use the business as my way to really help others and give in ways I would have never been able to do before. Taking the same stance for Myla, I had my daughter Jasmine pick a few of her favorite scents for the Jasmine Collection. 100% of proceeds from the Jasmine Collection are donated to the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention.

The idea is to bring hope and light to others when times may seem dark as each candle is lit.

Cbus Chic: Who’s behind Hope and Light Candle Co?
Tahy: I, Stephanie, am the owner and founder of the company.  I handmake all candles and wax melts myself. I also take care of all business aspects. My oldest daughter, Jasmine Wright who resides in Cleveland, does all my photography, branding and marketing. This includes, but is not limited to, my website, social media, labels for products, business cards, thank you cards, etc. It has been fun working along side my daughter as she fully understands my lifelong love of candles, faith in God, and is able to execute my vision with little direction. Without her creativity I would not be where I am at this time.

Cbus Chic: What makes Hope and Light Candle Co unique?
Tahy: Most candles are currently made with a paraffin and/or soy wax. Hope and Light candles are made using a Coconut wax blend (minimal soy to help them from being too soft) and are paraffin free. This allows for a slower burn with a stronger scent throw. This will assist in a longer lasting candle in reusable glass jars and tins. All wicks are cotton wicks and fragrances exclude any cancer-causing ingredients that require a Proposition 65 warning in California, as well as similar ingredients not on the Prop 65 list. The candle vessels, tins and jars, are made here in the US which is also very important to me. Even the packing peanuts used in shipping are biodegradable and will actually dissolve in water. My goal for Hope and Light Candle Co isn’t just a business but an opportunity to give back to the community in ways that I would not be able to otherwise do so, currently through the Myla and Jasmine Collections with more in the future.

Cbus Chic: What products are available in your collections?
Tahy: The current line available is the soy wax melts in the Signature, Myla and Jasmine Collections. We have a Christmas Collection that was limited time only and sold out right before Christmas in all candle sizes.  Candle tins (3 and 5 oz) are available in the Myla and Jasmine Collections. 9 oz jars are currently in process and being released as available beginning Mid-January for the Myla and Jasmine Collections. Signature line tins will begin being released in February with goal to have completed testing on the glass jars by March for a Spring release.

Cbus Chic: Do you have a storefront or are you online only?
Tahy: We are online only at this time but we will see where God’s plans take me over time. I am not ruling anything out. 

Cbus Chic: Is there anything new on the horizon for you in 2021?
Tahy: I am currently working on getting my signature line out in candles, tins first, then glass jars, that will be year round; along with seasonal scents that are available for limited time only. My goal is to have gift baskets options for Easter and Mother’s Day and eventually a year round option for gift giving at anytime for any reason. 

Cbus Chic: Where can readers go to learn more and follow along?
Tahy: Follow our small business journey and watch for new scents and specials by subscribing to our newsletter online or at on Instgram and Facebook.

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