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Chic Spotlight: Scribble

Cbus Chic: What is Scribble?
Stephanie Homan, Founder of Scribble: Scribble provides a series of activity cards that get people involved in art making and journaling. The process is simple. Choose from one of Scribble’s emotion categories: anxiety, any emotion, confidence, focus, gratitude or happiness. Each card has a coordinating color and icon to identify what emotion the activity targets. Once you decide on an emotion, read the fronts of the coordinating cards and decide which activity sounds the most beneficial for your current state of mind. The back of your chosen card will guide you through 2-3 art making steps to activate your mind and body. After completing the create prompt, Scribble guides you through 2-3 journaling questions to help you process what you created and think about your emotions at a deeper level. Each of the 19 activities are designed to help the brain discover new insights that can smooth the path of your mental health journey.

Cbus Chic: What’s the inspiration behind it?
Homan: College was an extremely stressful time for me as I was constantly searching for outlets to release the stress of classes, organizations and work. I began to journal in the mornings to kickstart my day and doodle in the evenings as a way to unwind. As my last year of college at the Ohio State University approached, I began to think of topics for my visual communication design senior thesis and decided to look into the world of art therapy. I filtered through psychology websites and case studies, sent out surveys to learn how people participate in art making and journaling, conducted focus groups, and interviewed art therapists. After weeks of research, Scribble was born. 

Initially designed as an app for my thesis, people would approach me and ask when I would make Scribble a reality. I realized the demand and interest for Scribble and decided to put Scribble’s activities into the world in card form. It took about 7 months to come up with activities, illustrate all of the cards, find a good quality printer, conduct user testing, design a website, begin advertising on social media, and, finally, launch my Etsy shop.

Cbus Chic: Who’s behind it?
Homan: I’m Stephanie, an alumni from The Ohio State University’s visual communication design program, a full time web designer and the creator of Scribble. On a more personal note, I have a geeky love for architecture, pizza and dogs and a newfound obsession with Animal Crossing! I became a designer to use my creative brain to solve problems that exist in our communities and the world. When I design, I want to have purpose behind the details of my design, and also have my designs to be used for a purpose. Through my design program, part time creative jobs and summer internships, my knowledge of design and devotion for creativity has broadened. I now look for the opportunities that will not only expand on my own experience, but will make an impact on people and the community. I believe Scribble is one of those opportunities. In the future, I see Scribble in people’s homes, in art therapy offices and in classrooms. I see Scribble impacting our communities by helping people become more in tune with their own emotions and therefore having more empathy for others.

Cbus Chic: How can readers purchase Scribble?
Homan: Scribble is available on my Etsy shop.

Cbus Chic: What makes Scribble unique?
Homan: Scribble allows people to focus on their emotions without verbally expressing them. This isn’t just a journaling prompt or a simple drawing activity. Scribble gives you options to focus on your specific emotions. Each drawing prompt is designed to help you process your emotions before putting them into words. The journaling prompt asks you targeted yet open ended questions where you can use your drawing to help write about how you’re feeling. Scribble allows you to have a unique experience while processing your emotions.

Cbus Chic: How does Scribble help its users?
Homan: Throughout my research, I learned a lot about how art and journal reflections can improve mental health. The decline of mental health is largely due to the loss of communication between brain cells. Scribble focuses on art making and journaling to stimulate parts of the brain and form new connections between cells. Through this process, people have the ability to improve their self esteem, experience more positive thinking, de-stress, and enhance their overall mental health. Scribble can help individuals seeking self-expression and a boost to their mental health. Scribble can be a valuable product to add to art therapy toolkits or to offer clients as homework. These activities can also be done 1 on 1 with a guidance counselor to target specific emotions with a student, or a teacher could guide an entire classroom through an activity to strengthen the emotional intelligence of students. Scribble can be used in many ways by different people, and everyone can benefit from paying more attention to their emotions. Scribble can be their guide.

Cbus Chic: Where can readers go to learn more?
Homan: Visit to learn more and follow Scribble on Instagram.

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