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Clean Up, Clean Up

Spring is full of flowers, sunshine, and sundresses. However, it’s also associated with another dreaded word called: cleaning. But have no fear! Cbus Chic visits “Good Day Columbus” to help you with great cleaning tips that will make your house sparkle and shine:

Dishwashing Detergent: don’t automatically fill both dispensers in your dishwasher. While the detergent box recommends it, it’s better to adjust the amount of detergent to the soil level of the load and the hardness of your water. Fill the cup halfway and then add more for dirty dishes and hard water. Be weary of using too much detergent because it can leave a filmy residue on your glasses and flatware.


Foaming Cleansers: choose a foaming bathroom tub and tile cleaner. They cling to vertical surfaces and achieve better surface coverage versus thin sprays – so you get more muscle from less product.


Multitasking Projects: the versatile stain remover can be used for around-the-house cleaning jobs and for laundry stains. It saves money and storage space.


Household Cleaners: we suggested that you spray the cloth, not the surface. While cleaning mirrors, polishing furniture or shining stainless steel appliances, spray the cleaner directly onto the rag. Spritzing the surface usually leads to wasting product and leaving behind excess cleaner that’ll require more wiping and extra buffing to remove.


With the tips, you’ll transform a dusty household into a beautiful space to marvel at. 


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