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Axe’ing For Fun

It’s time to throw in the hatchet. Literally.

A while back, Marty Parker says his company was thinking three years into the future for which cool corporate team builder activity, like room escapes, companies would want to do next. He’s now the owner of four new axe-tossing joints in Columbus, Cincinnati, Cleveland and Dallas.

“We saw Axe Throwing, saw how simple it was to produce, how it was an amazing fit for corporate team building, and how it was structurally an identical model to Escape Rooms,” shares Parker. “We said ‘Boo Yah!’ and opened up in four locations in six months, plus helped partner two locations.” 

Axe Throwing is  an active entertainment venue where customers learn the fine art of chucking an axe at wood. You work with a coach in a range to safely learn how to throw an axe, and then play a series of games with your teammates.

You’ll be greeted by one of Columbus Axe Throwing‘s enthusiastic Axeperts. Parker explains how, “in house, we call the Axe Throwing Sessions ‘Shows,’ as we run them as interactive theater productions.” The entire one and half to two hour session is like a game show.  

After you’ve signed the waiver, created a funny (and oftentimes punny) Lumber Jack name tag, and gotten some drinks and food, plus used the restroom, they go over how to throw an axe properly and safely. Then they quickly get you in the range to start throwing.

“With the proper coaching, we can quickly get people to stick an axe.” Parker says. “The excitement and exhilaration of getting your axe to stick is insane!  People jump up and down and feel amazing.” 

Once split into teams, you play a series of four games where you receive mini trophies. The team that wins the most games takes home half price tickets to an escape game of their choice. 

The teams then dissolve and it’s everyone against everyone, says Parker, as it’s a double elimination tournament that crowns the winner of the evening: the Lumber Lord. The winner gets a seven inch stamp that says ‘Lumber Lord’ anywhere on their body. Parker shares how, “we’ve seen some pretty creative and fun places to put this stamp.” 

And while ColumbusAxe Throwing is a concept initially made for Corporate Team Building, it’s used by couples as the world’s edgiest date night, birthday party, bachelor/rette party, baby reveal party or something fun to do when Grandma is in town, says Parker. 

Yes, Parker said Grandma. “It doesn’t mature your size or stature for the most part. Sticking an axe and kicking butt while doing it depends on how quickly you adapt to failure and adjust your technique. The strongest and biggest doesn’t matter in this game,” he explains, adding that anyone 15 years and older is welcome to come get their Lumber Jack on. 

While they’re working on a second location in Columbus, they’re also developing a new open throwing concept. Much like a driving range or batting cage, axe throwers are taught how to throw (if they don’t already know how to). Their Axeperts will be there to help during open throw if need be, and will give you a game card explaining the Lumber Yard Games.  

Axe Throwing is also officially recognized as a competitive sport, with the entry into the Arnold Classic Sport’s Festival this coming March. Columbus Axe Throwing will be the company that holds the Arnold Classic Axe Throwing Championships.

You can learn more about Columbus Axe Throwing by visiting them online at

They’ll be adding open throwing and happy hour specials to the website very soon. And On December 17, they’ll have $10 Axe Throwing from 1 – 3PM.



Axe Throwing, LLC, which produces Columbus Axe Throwing is another company that duplicates the model of the owner’s Bucket List Productions, LLC, which produces Mud Runs, Color Runs, Bubble Runs, Tomato Fights, Game Shows and Escape Rooms. 


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