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For the month of November this year, the Office of  Counseling and Consultation Service at OSU has been holding a series of events in honor of Movember (or No Shave November), while raising awareness about men’s mental health.


Events have ranged from talks about men’s mental health with professional offering advice and health tips, to Bro-ga (an all men’s yoga class).


The last event of the month was on November 30, and was a fashion show of 20 bearded men. Movember organizer Dr. Kipp Pietrantonio also says speakers in the room held a sign with a mental health fact, and also “a fact on how to deal with it,” Pietrantonio adds.  The event also featured a keynote speaker, prizes, and men’s mental health information.


For more information on CCS’s Movember events, visit them online at And be sure to follow everything on social media using the hashtag: #mohiostate.


MENtal Health Fair @ South Oval #MOHIOSTATE | photo credit to @ciaracoriell

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