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A CRM (Customer Relationship Management) You Want to Know About

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Are you an entrepreneur/business owner and need help getting organized? Growing your business with a Google App is the easiest way to stay organized by managing sales activity and client relationships, allowing business owners to keep track of tasks, ongoing projects, and opportunities.


Insightly allows business owners to manage their contacts and organizations as well as track emails and make notes of important dates on customer files, leading to improved communications and better sales. Automatic email reminders can be set up to ensure that everything on the to-do list will be completed in a timely manner as well! “Internally it enables businesses to be more organized and more collaborative resulting in improved efficiency,” says Loretta Jones, Vice President of Marketing.


From breweries to financial planners, business owners can improve their business with this simple, yet sophisticated,  CRM solution. The greatest thing of it all is that Insightly has a free plan in which you can start organizing your data and test out the CRM without having to pay a big price before knowing what it is all about! “Many of our users are first time CRM users so Insightly is easy to use, powerful and affordable,” says Jones. Grow your business today by saying goodbye to the spreadsheet and hello to Insightly!


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