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If you’re ready to take your private parties and events to the next level, then you may want to consider CULTURE, a multifaceted event venue located on the north end of Columbus, an exit away from Polaris Parkway. 

“Our event campus has three event spaces that hosts seated events of 25 to 275 guests,” explains CULTURE Director of Operations Branaghan Chandler. CULTURE specializes in full-service events by providing key event packages and amentities while also giving clients the opportunity to host the event they’ve always envisioned.

Chandler says that the Upper Level of the original CULTURE building boasts a lobby, billiards room, private bar, and hospitality area. The Extended CULTURE space is the largest open space that is equipped with a warming kitchen to prep for large formal events. 

“We’re just a skip away from the city center, but there is plenty of free parking as a trade off,” adds Chandler.

CULTURE Director of Operations Branaghan Chandler

Chandler says the inspiration for CULTURE came from the backgrounds of its owners, who come from the hospitality industry. 

“We have served in Hilton brand hotels and Cameron Mitchell organizations for a number of years and chose to build and provide an event location that is beautiful, affordable, and inclusive of all walks of life,” she says. “We aim to provide an upscale experience to our clients that will wow them and keep them coming back.”

Chandler adds that unlike other venues in the area, CULTURE hosts events for and partners with local brands to support entrepreneurial movements within the community. 

There are a variety of events that can be hosted at CULTURE including weddings, showers, anniversary parties, community events, fashion shows, expo events, art exhibits, conferences, corporate events, wellness drives, dinner parties, and holiday parties. 
When asked what makes CULTURE unique, Chandler says that its the vibrant aesthetics that aren’t available anywhere else in the city.
“The flexibilities that our clients experience from affordable packages, to bare bones rentals, to full service events are all fitting for our clients as some of them seek to have traditional events where they provide their own details; and some just want to come and be celebrated – as is their option as well,” she adds.
Currently, CULTURE is planning to launch CULTURE Marketplace on January 19, and will consistently host its marketplace every third Sunday of the month. 
“This is a membership program for local businesses to come and set up shop in a marketplace atmosphere,” says Chandler. “This opportunity is ideal for newly established businesses or for local vendors who do not have a brick-and-mortar facility from which to sell regularly.”
The program was created when Chandler saw a need for collaborative opportunity for brands to network, cross market, and invest in customer relations and customer retention. 
“I have a passion for supporting local, small, and black businesses and try as much as possible to dedicate my shopping to that,” she says.
The annual fee for the marketplace membership is $150 with a fee of $25 for every Sunday the member chooses to vend. Non-members can have the opportunity to vend for a $55 fee. 
CULTURE is located at 6170 Busch Boulevard, in The Continent French Quarters, in the lot behind Club Spain. 
You can learn more about CULTURE on Facebook.

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