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The Cooking Experience at The Kitchen

A new local eatery brings friends together to make memories at the dinner table. Learn more about the cooking at The Kitchen and their upcoming fall dining events.


IMG_4442Anne Boninsegna and Jen Lindsey believe that food does more than just fill stomachs—it brings people together. Inspired by this belief, Boninsegna and Lindsey started The Kitchen in July 2013. The Kitchen is not a traditional sit-down restaurant. It is a place for people to come together, cook and enjoy each other’s company.


A cooking camp at Franklin Park Conservatory was the spark that ignited the idea for Boninsegna and Lindsey. “We saw people from such different backgrounds come together, check any biases or preconceived notions at the door and let food be a common denominator and playing field leveler,” says Boninsegna.


With backgrounds in cooking, catering and event planning, Boninsegna and Lindsey had the knowledge and experience to bring their concept to life. Boninsegna worked in catering and event planning before working at Franklin Park Conservatory. At the conservatory, she worked in Special Events and later in executive management. Lindsey, who still teaches cooking programs at Franklin Park Conservatory, helped to build the Food Program there while working as the registrar.


Boninsegna cites their experience working at a non-profit for giving them the skills to succeed as a small business. “We both feel that our experience working at a non-profit was the perfect training ground for business ownership. Non-profits are constantly required to be creative, think outside the box and utilize every dollar in the most strategic way.”


The Kitchen blurs the line between restaurant and cooking school. It allows patrons to focus on cooking, friendships, and celebration, while offering a reprieve from the stresses of life. The Kitchen only operates as a restaurant on Sunday and Tuesday. Sunday morning, brunch is offered and every Tuesday is taco Tuesday. The rest of the time, The Kitchen operates as a space for all kinds of dinner parties, offering guests a hands-on approach to the meal preparation.


While The Kitchen offers a great space for private parties, it also has several public dining events per week. One of the upcoming event focuses on a singular ingredient—such as Apple 5 ways. They are also holding a Best of Fall Dining Event on October 26 and a Sweeney Todd inspired cocktail party on November 1.


The owners of The Kitchen are always increasing their knowledge about food and cooking. Lindsey has apprenticed under Chef Paul Yow in Barcelona and Chef Josh Wickham at Rocky Fork Country Club. In November, Boninsegna and Lindsey will cook under Marcel Vigneron, runner-up on Top Chef Season 2.


Boninsegna emphasizes that The Kitchen is neither a restaurant nor a cooking school. It is a concept that brings allows people to take part in preparing their meal while offering a place to socialize.


“Food is something we all need to survive, yes we must eat, but what happens when you eat with people is the part that is incredible.  Friendships are forged and differences forgotten because you have now had an experience with someone that allows you to understand them a little better, you’ve broken bread with them. That is what we hope to accomplish at the end of a dinner,” she says.


The Kitchen is located at 231 E Livingston Ave. To learn more, visit their website at


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